Thursday, February 15, 2018

There's a Dan's Cafe Twitter, and it's hilarious

This is a little out of my jurisdiction, but I figure a lot of folks in our area have journeyed over to Dan's Cafe in Adams Morgan, the legendary (or infamous) dive bar.

The spot, with yellowed walls, super cheap drinks (some of which come in squirt bottles) and a unique aroma, has been entertaining drunk people, or making sober people drunk, for more than 50 years.

And recently I discovered that there's a Dan's Cafe Twitter. And while I'm pretty sure it's not an official Twitter, especially considering this is Dan's Cafe, where the newest thing in it is probably a sign for a beer that is no longer made, it's pretty great.

The Twitter account matches the bar's vibe -- grumpy and amusing with lots of squirt bottle jokes. For example, their pinned tweet:
FYI- We got a special tomorrow night. Come in and show your #TailUpGoat receipt and pay the same fuckin price as everybody else
Other recent gems include "Plenty of buildings don't have windows" and "Our TV has been on the fritz since Clinton's #SOTU in '95."

It's pretty funny stuff, check it out.

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