Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Hilltop restaurant on Sherman reopening as Napoli Pasta Bar with Italian chef, some gluten and dairy free items

This is interesting: the Hilltop, the restaurant and bar on Sherman Avenue, is currently closed and will be changing to Napoli Pasta Bar, to be run by Antonio Ferraro, who has run other Italian spots in the area. Hilltop owner Sam Jahabeen gave me a bit more details:
My friend Antonio Ferraro is taking over operations under the caveat that the concept is his and his to change.

He himself is from Italy and his chef is flying in from there. Antonio helped run Lupo Verde on 14th street for a number of years. Prior to that it was Café Milano.

Napoli is supposed to be a neighborhood [place] and laid back. Everything is made in-house. Menu is to include the classic dishes plus some variations to include some gluten-free, veggie, and dairy free options for pasta lovers with dietary restrictions.

It's going to be a fun upbeat place.
Sounds interesting -- I liked the Hilltop but also am looking forward to this spot.

The Hilltop opened in November 2016 at Sherman and Georgia, and also hosted some pop-ups like the delicious Small Chop coffee and kolache spot. It has a really nice layout and interior and tasty food.

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  1. If they follow Hilltop's schedule this will open in 2027


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