Thursday, February 8, 2018

Rock Hard Sundays at The House strip club has come to an end

A few years ago, I wrote about a new promotion at the House, the strip club at 3530 Georgia Avenue NW. Former Councilmember Jim Graham realized there weren't many strip nights in the city that catered to gay men, so he suggested the idea to the House. They liked it, and Rock Hard Sundays was born.

For some time, the dancers wore Jim Graham's signature bowties. It was a pretty clever idea and I hear was quite popular. They also advertised on this blog for a while (image above.)

Sadly, Graham, who was an LGBT advocate, member of the WMATA Board and also ran the Whitman Walker Clinic for a long time, passed away in June 2017, but the event continued on. The House even had a message remembering Graham on their facade for a while.

However, the Blade reports that the event has come to an end as patrons reported that the event dropped in popularity after Graham's passing. Too bad, but hopefully there are other options in the city.

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