Monday, February 5, 2018

Karibbean Kitchen sign now up at old Getaway/Social space on 14th, maybe finally closer to opening


Well, this is some good news. Nearly two years ago I wrote that there was a Jamaican place coming to 1400 Meridian Place NW, the old Getaway and Social space. A couple of tipsters had spotted work and spoken to people inside.  However, the next two years came and went without anything happening.

But now, there's a sign up on the building for Karibbean Kitchen, and a permit from the city for that new sign. I can't find any other permits or news about the spot like construction or occupancy, but they are in the White Pages now, so maybe that means they're moving along. It's not my favorite sign, kind of looks like one of the generic Chinese takeout or dry cleaner signs.

I guess we'll see. I hope it's good, I like Jamaican food a lot.

The space used to be the 60s racing themed The Getaway, with a bar on the basement floor and a restaurant upstairs. I thought it was decent, pretty good food but a bit of a weird vibe upstairs. That place replaced Social, a weirder and kind of generic place with a similar layout that closed mysteriously. We'll see what Karibbean Kitchen does with the space.

(Sorry for my blurry rainy photos.)

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