Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jimmy John's on the Civic Plaza has closed

Sad news for fans of sandwiches and free smells: Jimmy John's on the Civic Plaza has closed. I always liked the spot, but it never seemed too crowded. That space, next to Fro Zen Yo, was previously Julia's Empanadas.

It seems kind of odd that two beloved chains would close in the same space: maybe the rent is too high or something. I hope something else good comes there.

And it's more bad news for 14th Street, as we also recently learned that Jenkins Capital BBQ has closed. On the other hand, it looks like Karibbean Kitchen in the old Getaway/Social space is maybe opening.

Any JJ's fans in the comments?


  1. Maybe nobody patronized them because of their proven record of unfair labor practices and the owner's reprehensible politics and wild game trophy hunting. Let's get rid of Chick-fil-a next. Columbia Heights residents will not be duped by alt-right businesses who have no place in our neighborhood.

    1. Chick-fil-a isn't an alt-bussiness its black owned hence they not going anywhere

    2. It may be that the local franchisee is black, but the ownership of Chick-fil-a is the family of Dan Cathy, a hate-filled homophobe. It is shameful that our neighborhood is home to such hatred.

  2. I've never been - when it opened I looked at their menu online and it looked pretty uninteresting. I miss Julia's.


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