Monday, February 5, 2018

Jenkins Capital BBQ at 14th and Monroe is apparently closed for good

It looks like Jenkins Capital BBQ in the big former Ruby Tuesday space at 14th and Monroe has closed for good.

In November I thought it might be closed, as it seemed to be shuttered on Friday and Saturday nights (which is odd for a restaurant) but they told me via Facebook they were still open.

But I've since gotten more tips that they haven't been open in a while, and their website and Facebook page are both gone, as is the Facebook account that I messaged with a while ago. Yelp also says they're closed and the last review was from November, so maybe they've been closed or only sporadically open since then.

Too bad for them, as I was hoping something popular would come to the space.

It was Ruby Tuesday for a couple of years, which was closed as part of a nationwide store-closing, and the space was empty for some time before that. It was always a bit of a mysterious place, I had a hard time finding any info about them when they were in the planning phases.

To be honest I was kind of surprised it wasn't another big chain since it's such a big space -- I feel like a Red Lobster would do well there. I wonder what other kinds of things might be good for it -- maybe something like a Yes! Organic Market or some other big retail store? Anything else you'd like to see there?


  1. I pray to God above it is not a Red Lobster. Wouldn't mind a Yes! or Streets Market, something other than Giant in the neighborhood would be awesome. Or another local non-chain restaurant. Too bad about Jenkins, they had good wings and fries, and I had a good time talking with the bartender on my visits there. They did kind of poor on their advertisement. The only reason I knew it was coming to the neighborhood was having to walk that far north to get a Zipcar. They didn't have signs up for a long time and I never saw one advertisement that they were in the neighborhood. I think if people had known it was up there, they may have lasted longer. Oh well, maybe someone will try again with BBQ. Can't ever have enough BBQ.

    1. I would love a Red Lobster but the problem is parking.

  2. How about a gym that has hot water?


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