Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Diner with huge menu, Flip It LJ Diner, open next to Pollo Sabroso on Park Road

Park Road's strip of places to eat has another addition: Flip It LJ Diner at 1432 Park Rd NW, just down from Pho 14 and El Pollo Sabroso. A reader went by the other day and got a shot of their huge menu (below.) The spot has pretty good reviews on Yelp too, 5 stars from 39 reviews.

They have seemingly everything too: lots of breakfast options, tacos, nachos and other Mexican dishes, deli sandwiches, pasta and paninis, plus Salvadoran dishes.

They open early and are open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday; on Sunday and Monday, just breakfast and lunch. They're closed Tuesday.

Anybody stop by yet?


  1. I stopped by a while back and got an omelette. It was pretty good, service was good, the problem I have is the space is just tiny. I happened to grab a corner seat at the bar, otherwise it was full.

  2. Love this place. The ownership is very friendly and the good is great. First time in DC where I could say we have legitimate diner. Bittersweet that the secret is starting to get out. Also, the place is "tiny," because it is a good business decision to start small. If the diner being "full" is an issue, that is a good issue to ahve.

  3. I've eaten there 5+ times, always for breakfast. The platter is great, and a good price.

    Perfect for an early Saturday/Sunday breakfast with a friend.

    Only downside is that they are often closed even when the hours on their door says they should be open - more often than not, this is case. Luckily, my walk there is only a block or so.


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