Friday, February 16, 2018

Another real estate company fake neighborhood name: this time Pleasant Plains and Howard U. are "North Shaw"

Longtime readers of this blog might know that I hate newly invented neighborhood names. 

A few years ago, real estate developers JBG tried to rename the 14th and U Street area "14th and Shaw" in all their advertisements for their buildings and in D/CITY Style, a free newspaper they put out around the area. Thankfully the name didn't catch on, but a few months later they were calling the area "North End Shaw." That also didn't catch on.

But now another bunch of developer doofuses have coined yet another name: the Bozzutto Group is saying their new building, Trellis House, is in the "heart of North Shaw," going on about all the great stuff in North Shaw. They've also mentioned about something similar on the building's Instagram page. Basically they're trying to make "fetch" happen, but for a neighborhood.

This stuff always makes me mad. People have lived in this area for more than 100 years, and all of a sudden a real estate company thinks they can come along and rename it to try to sell some corny apartments.

And the dumbest part about this is that they have a map on their site showing where their buildings are, and the dot for Trellis House is literally next to the words "Pleasant Plains." Because that's the name of the area. And presumably, that also means Howard University is in North Shaw. News to them, I'm sure.

Pleasant Plains isn't the best known neighborhood name, but it is on the Metro. And anyway, just because a neighborhood name wasn't known throughout the city it doesn't mean you should just throw it out. Here's more on the history of Pleasant Plains.

Let's not use this dumb new name.


  1. Sure like declaring a "New Columbia Heights" with token regard for previous history and civic investment.

    W Jordan

  2. I agree with W Jordan. How dare you name your blog to reflect the valuable service that you provide by keeping us informed about the goings on in our neighborhood. For now on, I plan to boycott this blog and will only read the two CH blogs that count. The first is "Same Columbia Heights," which keeps me up to date about which restaurants are still here, which intersections are not being worked on, and current policies that are liked by everyone and are not being discussed by the ANCs and the DC Council. The second blog is "Old Columbia Heights" which keeps me out of date on events that happened long ago that do not impact my current daily life. Although, I just read in that blog that some jerkwad developer named Wardman is planning to build almost 300 houses between Monroe and Spring street. 300! I am worried that this will change the character of the neighborhood. Then again, Nadeau has assured me that they are actually for low-income DC residents, so this will actually not change the character of the neighborhood at all.

  3. Perhaps the funniest part of that comment was the line "Nadeau has assured me"

  4. North End Shaw, is it the same as North Shaw? North End has been a neologism going back all of two years -


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