Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Walters Sports Bar on Georgia has closed permanently

Well, this stinks: Walters, the sports bar at 3622 Georgia Ave NW, has closed for good, according to PoP. The spot opened in 2015 as a joint venture between DC Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge, which are on either side of it. At some point the Looking Glass folks sold their share to DC Reynolds.

The location has had some bad luck in the past, as it's previously been the Blue Banana, also a sports bar, and Park View Patio, a kind of odd spot with a big patio (part of which was later taken over by DC Reynolds.) The Walters folks cited the lack of a proper kitchen as part of the problem.

I thought it was definitely better than the previous two spots there, but there often wasn't much of a crowd. Park View Patio also had pop-ups during the day, like the Milk Cult coffee and breakfast taco pop-up, but Walters didn't do that. I also saw reviews about it having kind of a split personality between sports bar and dance club -- and people watching sports want to listen to sports, not dance music.

That leaves only Lou's City Bar on Irving and The Pitch up on Georgia as the only sports bar type spots in our area. Anybody have recommendations for other sports watching locales? The basement at Meridian Pint is also pretty good for that, as are the Airedale on 14th and Bravo Bar on Georgia.

Hopefully something else successful can come into the space. PoP posted Walters final note, which maybe jokingly suggested it could be a "neighborhood bakery, salami shop, tofu factory, hydroponic store, gluten free distillery, EDM dancehall, or any other idea you think Georgia Ave is desperately in need of."
"Walters Sports Bar closing 12/31. The team behind Walters would like to thank everyone over the last 2+ years for your support. While we would like to stick around for another Caps and Wizards playoffs run we can’t in good conscience be apart of a potential Eagles Super Bowl win (Kidding….maybe). With that said Walters will be closing 12/31 and we encourage everyone to visit Looking Glass and DC Reynolds for all your future sports watching needs. 
When we took over the space we new it would be an uphill battle with lack of a proper kitchen. With such a short term lease the cost to install a hood system wasn’t feasible and thus the food wouldn’t be equal to what can be found elsewhere in the neighborhood.

For anyone with a great idea for a neighborhood bakery, salami shop, tofu factory, hydroponic store, gluten free distillery, EDM dancehall, or any other idea you think Georgia Ave is desperately in need of please feel free to contact us and we can hook you up with the landlord."
What do you think might work there? Maybe a cookie and donut shop for the patrons of the History of Cannabis Museum next door? 


  1. I've had good luck watching Nats games upstairs at Homestead. Although they don't really have a good "bar" menu.

  2. Honestly how many bars do we need in a 2 block radius? How about a bakery or coffee place instead? Looking Glass shows the big games as well.

  3. I thought about a coffee shop, but there's Colony Club, Qualia, the Short Eats pop up in Ten Tigers and the Coupe all pretty close to there. Bakery would be cool, or some other kind of quick food option like sandwiches or salads or something.


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