Thursday, January 25, 2018

Michelle Obama visits Maydan, new restaurant at Florida and 14th

The Obamas are back! The First Family, who have visited our neighborhood many times, apparently haven't forgotten about our area after the election (and their move to Kalorama.) On Tuesday, Michelle Obama was spotted at Maydan, the new Middle Eastern/Central Asian spot on Florida Avenue behind La Colombe.

The restaurant, from the folks behind Compass Rose, serves food from the spice road, i.e. Lebanon through to Central Asian -- think food from North Africa, Georgia, Turkey, the Caucasus, Central Asia and more, with lots of wood grilled dishes over their central fire pit. (I stopped by a few days before, it was excellent. A review to come.)

Washingtonian reports that the First Lady and former White House nutrition advisor Sam Kass were seated in the first floor bar area, and a tipster who was there tells me she ordered a cocktail.

Pretty neat to see an Obama back in our area. After numerous blog posts, I suggested that Columbia Heights was the Obamas' favorite neighborhood. The President has eaten at a lot of spots in our area, like the Coupe and Busboys and Poets. The First Family also visited Upshur Street Books and both the President and First Lady gave talks in our area (FLOTUS jump roped too), and they even signed a bill here.

Not to be outdone, Joe Biden ate at Pete's Apizza. Considering all the Onion articles, I'm surprised he didn't stop by Wonderland or the Derb.

I miss the days when the President and family went places, and we were actually happy to see them.

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  1. "I miss the days when the President and family went places, and we were actually happy to see them."

    - SECONDED! Still hoping that one of these days, I'll run into one of them while out and about :)


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