Monday, January 29, 2018

Crazy "plywood brutalism" building going up at Sherman and Lamont

This is something you don't see everyday: there's what looks like a small condo building going in at Sherman and Lamont that is... unusual. It kind of looks like a bunch of blocks stacked on top of each other, or like some kind of strange modern architecture. Martin Austermuhle of WAMU jokingly called it "plywood brutalism."

What's also odd is there aren't any windows, and it's just plywood. Presumably they'll cut them out soon. The city's permit system says "New 3 floor + cellar and mezzanine - 2 unit flat on vacant lot in an R4 zoning district." Looks like 4 stories to me. Here's a Park View DC article about the lot from a few years ago.

It's also two stories higher than the surrounding buildings. It's something.


  1. Love IT....a significant bookend to inspire those houses around it...Modernism comes to Sherman and Lamont Kudos!

  2. How did this monstrosity get permitted? To the person responsible (architect from Mt P?) all of your neighbors are furious over your lack of respect of this block’s character. Shame on you.

  3. Its a little early to comment on this project, no? When there are windows and siding its going to look completely different.

  4. I live near here and have watched the progress. At two stories I thought: "Huh, kind of interesting lines. It doesn't quite fit with the neighborhood, but I like the mix up." At three stories I thought: "That's a little ugly and sticks out a bit." At four stories I thought: "Man, it's hideous and it will take a special person to live there." Then they added the top 6 feet (not quite another story) and I thought: "WTF, the designers are blind or clearly hate the project and wish pain on everyone who sees it".

  5. If you want unceasing sameness and monotony, the suburbs await you with open arms. I'm glad that we're getting something different than the rest of the houses on the block, it adds visual interest.

  6. "the suburbs await you with open arms"
    Always a useful and creative riposte.


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