Thursday, December 28, 2017

Wow, Ancient Rivers in Mulebone/Eatonville space closes after three months

This must be some kind of record: Ancient Rivers, a Middle Eastern spot from Andy Shallal, has closed after about three months. They opened in September in the Mulebone/Eatonville space at 14th and V and I heard nothing about them since then.

I stopped by once soon after it switched concepts, not even knowing it had changed from Mulebone, because they used to do a sort of coworking space: you could sit in the dining area and have coffee or lunch and work with your laptop. It was pretty clever.

The food was pretty tasty, but they didn’t seem to have their stuff together: it didn’t seem like it was actually open, but it was, and throughout the day other folks came in with laptops and asked the same question: “uhh... are you open?”

That seems to have extended to the restaurant, as I never heard about it and kind of forgot it existed.

Kind of odd too, as it’s run by Andy Shallal of Busboys and Poets and the previous tenants of this space, Eatonville and Mulebone. You’d think he’d know what he’s doing. We’ll see if something else can go in and succeed — otherwise it’ll be the fourth place to close in this space.

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