Thursday, December 28, 2017

Wow, Ancient Rivers in Mulebone/Eatonville space closes after three months

This must be some kind of record: Ancient Rivers, a Middle Eastern spot from Andy Shallal, has closed after about three months. They opened in September in the Mulebone/Eatonville space at 14th and V and I heard nothing about them since then.

I stopped by once soon after it switched concepts, not even knowing it had changed from Mulebone, because they used to do a sort of coworking space: you could sit in the dining area and have coffee or lunch and work with your laptop. It was pretty clever.

The food was pretty tasty, but they didn’t seem to have their stuff together: it didn’t seem like it was actually open, but it was, and throughout the day other folks came in with laptops and asked the same question: “uhh... are you open?”

That seems to have extended to the restaurant, as I never heard about it and kind of forgot it existed.

Kind of odd too, as it’s run by Andy Shallal of Busboys and Poets and the previous tenants of this space, Eatonville and Mulebone. You’d think he’d know what he’s doing. We’ll see if something else can go in and succeed — otherwise it’ll be the fourth place to close in this space.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Here's how to recycle your Christmas trees for free

If you put up a live tree for the holidays, the city has some recycling options for you. Here's the info from the city's Department of Public Works: you can drop off your tree at two of the city's trash transfer stations, and they'll also be picking them up on your regularly scheduled recycling days. Make sure to take off all ornaments and tinsel and don't bag the trees.

If you aren't served by the city's pickup (such as you're in a condo or apartment building) you'll need to either drop them off or contact your building management or the trash company.

The city also gives our free compost at the Fort Totten station: read on.

How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree in DC

DPW Provides Residents with 2 Convenient Options for Recycling Their Holiday Trees and Greenery

(WASHINGTON, DC) With the holiday season coming to a close over the next several weeks, thousands of DC residents will be looking for an environmentally friendly way to dispose of their holiday trees and greenery. The DC Department of Public Works (DPW) is pleased to provide District residents with two easy options for having their cut holiday trees and greenery recycled (no artificial trees).
“The District is committed to waste reduction year-round, including the holiday season,” said DPW Director Christopher Shorter. “These two options ensure residents can dispose of their holiday trees and greenery in an environmentally friendly and convenient way.”
The first option is for residents to bring their trees and greenery, free of charge, to either of the District’s transfer stations. The Fort Totten Transfer Station is located at 4900 John F. McCormack Drive, NE, and the Benning Road Transfer Station is located at 3200 Benning Road, NE.
The second option, also free of charge, is for residents to put their trees and greenery out where their trash and recycling is collected between January 13 and February 2. These items will be collected on residents’ regularly scheduled recycling days during this period. This collection service is only available to residents who are serviced by DPW. DPW collects trash and recyclables from single-family homes and apartment/condo buildings with three or fewer living units.
Regardless of which option residents choose, all ornaments and lights should be removed from the tree. Residents are also asked not to bag their trees or greenery. 
In fiscal year 2017, 327.25 tons of holiday trees were collected and composted by DPW in the District. As a reminder, DPW provides DC residents with up to five 32-gallon bags (bring your own bags) of free compost weekdays, 1 pm to 5 pm, and Saturdays 8 am to 3 pm, at the Fort Totten Transfer Station.
DPW provides essential city services in two distinct program areas: environmental services/solid waste management and parking enforcement. Both contribute to making District streets and public spaces clean, safe, attractive and accessible for all residents, businesses, commuters and visitors.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

New Italian deli Capo at 715 Florida is awesome; go there

The other day I was running errands and noticed a new deli called Capo at 715 Florida Ave NW. I was hungry so I stopped in, and I'm glad I did -- it's awesome. They have lots of traditional Italian sandwiches plus pre-made things like ziti and lasagna, various kinds of pasta salad, as well as sweets like canolis and containers of cookie butter and ambrosia, plus cheese, bread and meat for sale.

I got the sandwich called the Capo with sopressata, mortadella and provolone -- big piles of the meat, which was delicious, plus the usual lettuce, tomato, onion and oil. The "small" is $8.95, but it was massive, while the large is $13. It must be enormous. The bread is good too, hard and crunchy (in a good way) with sesame seeds. I bought a loaf and took it home too.

 Here's the full menu, and there are daily specials, which I think the Capo was.

There's also a backroom bar and lounge area but I haven't checked that out.

They don't have coffee but have other drinks and such too. I definitely recommend it.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Dude: The History of Cannabis Museum coming to Georgia Avenue

Whoa, dude. Something called The History of Cannabis Museum (get it, THC Museum) is coming to 3626 Georgia Avenue NW, near DC Reynolds and Manny and Olga's. I walked by the other day, it seems to be under construction but their website has opening hours and says there's a $10 admission. A reader wrote a few days ago saying he saw signs for the museum up on street posts.

The museum's site says it's from Grow Club DC, which is an Adams Morgan shop for marijuana growing supplies. You join the Grow Club for $1500 and someone will come install equipment for you to grow your own doobies. DC law says it's legal to have six plants, to possess 2 ounces and to give 1 ounce to someone else, assuming everybody is over 21. You can't sell it legally or smoke it in public. However, under federal law it's still illegal.

The museum has a brief video, presumably of its former location, which has pictures of historical figures and ancient cultures that grew weed or hemp, plus pictures of celebrities smoking -- folks like Bob Marley, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Seth Rogen, plus what looks like a sales counter for pipes and such.

The website is pretty slim on details of what's going to be in this museum. There's a "History" tab but it's about the history of marijuana rather than of the museum. I'll look for more info about it. Sounds pretty wild. Here's another shot of the interior.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Fast-casual pizza place Pidzza coming to old Zombie Coffee space at DCUSA

Finally, something is coming to the former Zombie Coffee and Donuts space on Irving Street in DCUSA: Pidzza, a local chain of fast-casual Mediterranean pizza places.

It looks similar to &pizza but with more Mediterranean options like cauliflower and artichokes. Sounds pretty tasty.

My friend snapped this photo the other day, so presumably they'll be opening soon. That space was Tasti D-Lite, a custard spot before it was Zombie.

Here's their main pizza menu from their site.
Ground Angus beef, tomato, onion, parsley, green pepper, garlic and spices 
Angus chopped beef, diced tomato, green pepper and shredded mozzarella cheese 
Pidzza Roll
Ground Angus beef, mushroom, caramelized onion and shredded mozzarella cheese 
The Cauli
Chicken, roasted curried cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, caramelized onion, shredded mozzarella cheese,chopped fresh chives and roasted garlic cream cheese 
Artichoke, baby spinach, jalapeño, fresh mozzarella and spinach artichoke cream 
Candied bacon, baby spinach, gruyère cheese with two sunny side up eggs.

Friday, December 8, 2017

New ice cream shop opening at 847 Upshur on Saturday: Lulabelle's Sweet Shop

Whoa! This is cool, a new ice cream shop is opening on Upshur Street this Saturday.
We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop Saturday, December 9, 2017. Thanks to Petworth’s patience and its avid support of our pop-up events, we are now ready to open our doors! This Saturday, during the Upshur Street Art & Craft Fair, sweeten up your day and stop by the shop. Front of house, you’ll find a variety of candy, unique housewares, and gifts for people of all ages. In the back, we have Taharka Brothers ice cream by-the-scoop in flavors such as Grapefruit Campari Sorbet, Milk Chocolate, and Gravel Road, as well as coffee, hot chocolate, and a special peppermint drink for the opening weekend.

Our temporary hours as we adjust to being open will be 10-6 Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays. We can’t wait to start serving up delicious treats for you all!

Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop
847 Upshur Street NW
Washington, DC 20011
@sweetlulabelle - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bar Roubaix, cycling theme bar from Hilton Bros., opens Friday; soft opening today!

Bar Roubaix, the bar in the old Acre 121 space from the folks behind Marvin, the Gibson, American Ice Company and many more, is opening this Friday, Dec. 8, with a soft opening for neighborhood folks today, Dec. 7.

A few friends got a preview last week and said they've extended the bar, and the spot is focused on a big pool table. There are also some cycling games where you ride a stationary bike against another person. They have a pan-European food menu and lots of Belgian beers.

Here's more from the Bar Roubaix folks, plus some photos and their menu:

Ian and Eric Hilton are set to open their latest production, Bar Roubaix, a cycling - centric neighborhood bar and restaurant on December 8 in Columbia Heights. Located on 1400 Irving Street, N.W. Bar Roubaix will feature an eclectic menu of craft beers, European street food and pastries. 
The concept of Bar Roubaix is inspired by the growing and vibrant cycling culture in the DMV. Named after the iconic city of Roubaix, terminus to one of the world's oldest and most iconic races of professional road cycling.

The menu focuses on the cuisine you would encounter on the streets while cycling across Europe. It’s helmed by chef Rafael Nunez formerly of Busboy and Poets, and Eatonville.
“When you’re riding through the European cities these are the food you’ll eat. From arancini of Italy, zapiekanki in Poland, to doner kabobs you see all across the continent, we want to give our guests a culinary tour of the delicious street eats of Europe.” says Arturo Zaloga, one of the designers and operator of Bar Roubaix. “ The beer program will be an eclectic rotation of cyclist favorites, like Natty Bo for the bike messengers and a fine selection of Belgians for the more discerning customer. There will be something for everyone.”  
The interior design and atheistic is inspir ed by Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, Alphone Mucha, with a mural designed and painted by local artists Justin Poppe and Joseph Orzal. It also features a pool table and a one - of - its - kind cycling arcade simulation game powered by OpenSprints software, where guests can race each other.


“We want to create a space where cycling enthusiasts can come relax over good beers and enjoy authentic street foods that will transport them to the streets that host the Tour, the Giro, or the Vue lta,” adds Zaloga.

Bar Roubaix will have plenty of parking racks and will feature a fixing station where cyclists can perform maintenance or adjustments on their ride.

A beer garden style patio will be open to guests throughout the year. The bar will ope n daily at 5 p.m. with the kitchen closing at 12 a.m., Monday through Sunday. The bar will remain open until 1 a.m. on Thursday and through 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

For more information, please follow the team on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @RoubaixDC


New cider bar, Capitol Cider House, coming to Georgia and Shepherd; food from Union Kitchen

This is neat: there's a new cider spot coming to Georgia and Shepherd, in the vacant storefront in the Fahrenheit building (that black and red residential building.) It's called Capitol Cider House and they're aiming to open sometime in 2018.

There's an interview with the owner here at the Cider Culture blog. The spot looks very modern, and they'll have food from Union Kitchen, a food incubator, and ciders from around the region.

Here's more from ANC commissioner Zach Teutsch
The Capitol Cider House is a new, locally-owned business that will be located in the current vacant storefront of the Fahrenheit Apartment building. The new bar and restaurant will offer 12 taps showcasing ciders produced specifically within 200 miles of the Capitol Building as well as locally-sourced food. Some of the ciders available at Capitol Cider House will be produced on site by the owner, Jared Fackrell, and his team.

Settlement agreements, once executed, serve as contracts between an Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC) licensee and the ANC. The agreement becomes a part of the business’ ABC license, and, therefore, contains additional enforceable requirements above and beyond what is typically covered under an ABC license when granted by the District’s Alcohol and Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA). The ANC recently established a policy that it would enter into a Settlement Agreement with any new business seeking an ABC license in the neighborhood.
The settlement agreement includes verbiage about when the spot will be open:
2. Nature of the Business. The Applicant will manage and operate a CT license at the listed address. The license shall have indoor seating of not more than 46, with a Total Occupancy Load of 78 and a sidewalk cafe with 13 seats.

3. Hours of Operation and Sales. The Applicant's hours of operation shall be as follows: Sunday through Thursday 7 a.m. - 2 a.m., Friday and Saturday 7 a.m.-3 a.m.

Alcohol sales shall be limited to:
Sunday through Thursday 8 a.m. - 2 a.m., Friday and Saturday 8 a.m.-3 a.m.

Entertainment hours will be limited to:
Sunday through Thursday, 12 p.m to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. – 12 a.m.
They're on Instagram here.

Rendering from Cider Culture, storefront image from Google Street View