Monday, November 27, 2017

Something is up with Jenkins BBQ: maybe closed?

You may remember me posting a few times about Jenkins Capital BBQ, the newish spot that replaced Ruby Tuesday at 14th and Monroe in July. It was hard to find any information about them before they were open, although they now have a nice website.

But lately they haven't been open much, and I wonder if it's permanent. I walked by a few times in the last week or so and it dark and closed, and I recently got a tweet by someone who went by on Saturday and they were also closed -- kind of an odd time to close, Saturday night after a holiday. A Yelp review from Nov. 13 also says they were closed when they went by. I guess they could be closed for the holidays (or a few weeks around them) but I didn't see any sign about that.

They're closed Mondays so I haven't gotten in touch with them today, but will keep trying. I hope they stay open, but they've always been kind of mysterious to me -- it's a huge space but I've never heard anybody talk about it or seen anybody in there.

Has anybody gone? How did you like it?


  1. We went several times. The food was pretty good, but the service was painfully slow, and the huge place was usually near-empty. Too bad.

  2. I never went there, partially because their logo is illegible from more that 10 feet away.

    As a graphic design and logo designer, I can tell you that this is no small problem. Aside from proper advertising, what you really need is for people walking a block away to look up, see the sign (presumable be able to read it), then suddenly realize, "Hey, I'd LOVE some BBQ right now!"
    Had I known it was there, I might have gone.

  3. We went there once. It was terrible. Bad food, slow service.

  4. It's open. I just went by it. Maybe they were just gone for the holidays.

  5. I ate there a number of times; got to know the owners and wait staff. They were all very friendly, but had the sense that they didn't have skills to make it go. The prices were a bit high for the offerings and the quality was inconsistent. It's sad because this is very much the type of neighborhood restaurants we need more of in the area. Moderate cost, without a lot of pretension. It was a big space, but has lots of potential. Hopefully, they are just taking a break while they retool the concept a bit.

  6. I went before. The food is good. The owner is cool. I want them to be a success. I just don’t think the word is out about them. They need intensive marketing.

  7. One time was enough for me their food was horrible!!!


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