Monday, October 9, 2017

Ward 1 council race heats up: three candidates oppose incumbent Nadeau

The Ward 1 Council race is getting interesting: there are three candidates who have filed to run against incumbent councilmember Brianne K. Nadeau: current ANC1A chair Kent Boese (who also writes the Park View DC blog), former DC judge Lori E. Parker, and newcomer Sheika Reid, a 26 year-old architectural drafter.

Nadeau, as you may recall, upset longtime Ward 1 council member Jim Graham in 2014. Graham recently passed away.

Nadeau and her challengers are registered for the Democratic primary scheduled for June 18, 2018, but in a city as heavily Democratic as ours, the primary winner will most likely take the general election too.

I've already started getting mailers from Nadeau, which are technically updates about her work in council but which a few folks on twitter have said look like campaign flyers.

Should be an interesting race! I'll be doing interviews with the candidates in the coming months.


  1. Thanks for the info.

    I'll have to do my research on the other two but I know that Kent Boese is significantly more experienced and qualified than Nadeau. Having lived in PV for many years, he is engaged, follows through, and listens. He genuinely looks out for the best interest of the overall neighborhood with regards to safety which is not my experience with Nadeau. I was duped by Nadeau last election but I will not be this go around and imagine many constituents feel the same.

  2. Nadeau isn't perfect, but far better than Graham's leadership. I've reached out to Nadeau's office a couple of times to address neighborhood issues. While the response was not perfection, it's par for the course for a Ward Councilmember trying to cajole the D.C. bureaucracy into action. While I'm not going to sign-up for the Nadeau VIP fan club anytime soon, I am not a fan at all of Kent Boese. ANCs have tremendous ability to engage the community, yet take a look at ANC 1A's website. We are less than 48 hours until the next meeting and there's still no agenda up. Email list? Nonexistent beyond stock announcements on a Yahoo neighborhood Social media? It seemed to have a little surge when Kent announced he's running (prominently featuring him). Beyond that - basic. Kent ought to be embarrassed as a law librarian with the way information is accessed digitally these days.

    Having attended several meetings, plan on wasting a lot of time on issues not at the forefront of people's minds and being disappointed that 1/4-1/3 of Commisioners typically don't show up. There were two murders prior to the September meeting, yet crime was not on the agenda. Yet he whines about MPD crime map changes in the City Paper profile? Kid you not, he tweeted a WEEK after the metro shooting about his "concern", yet after the Sept meeting promoted his support of a resolution supporting animal care (bc that's what's on the top of the neighborhood's mind). I also see he's suddenly woken up to the fact that PSA 409 is understaffed. You don't get to complain when one of the biggest issues never shows up on your agenda. Also, in the City Paper, he says 'legislation isn't where you start'. Ummm, you are running to be one of 13 members in DCs legislative body...please don't run if you don't want the job bc based on your actual results engaging the community, you'll fail.

    After 3 1/2 years in Columbia Heights, nothing has really changed much. It is a collection of some loosely organized neighborhood groups lacking leadership from the ANC. If you need a great neighborhood gadfly / maybe good constituent services rep, Kent might be your guy. He's no legislative leader, though.

  3. We won't be supporting Nadeau. Her constituent services are awful, her office cares only about representing the views of hyper-partisan activists (most of whom don't even live in our ward), and she has blatantly ignored her constituents' views regarding issues such as the redevelopment of the Old Hebrew Home (she has actually worked with groups AGAINST her constituents on this and other issues). Local issues matter in local races like this, and Nadeau has been atrocious at reflecting the views of those she actually represents.

    I'll be supporting Boese, who is incredibly qualified, has a strong commitment to constituent services, and has proven that he will always at least listen to his constitutents and try to find a compromise.

  4. Nadeau has been a disaster in my opinion. While she is better than Graham (low bar), she has more sympathy for criminals than home owners. Her victims blaming is shameful. I will NOT be voting for her again.

  5. Just to be clear, ANC 1A supported the winning Victory proposal for the Hebrew Home, which the neighbors seemed to uniformly hate. There was only one No, but who can tell who it was bc their practices are so terrible they don’t list who voted which way in the minutes. If the guy can’t get the city to address constituent service issues as the chair of the ANC, how much better is he going to do on the Council? In my experience, Boese has his head in the sand on the recurring crime issues and coddles repeat offenders. Again, the ANC is absent on crime except for one commissioner who finally held a public meeting for her SMD recently.

    Another Ward 1 candidate dropped a flyer at my building. Looks like the same sh1t, different messenger. I’m more of a none of the above right now. They all seem to take their cues from activist groups rather than listening to actual people who live here.

  6. What is the Nadeau victim blaming stuff? I haven't seen that.


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