Monday, September 25, 2017

Here's how you can volunteer for Democrats in Virginia: phone bank in our area or canvass to get out the vote

 Here's some opportunities to get involved in local politics. You might say "Local? In Virginia?" but I'd argue it affects us.

In 2017, less than 50 days away, Virginia has elections for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and state house. All of these have ramifications for us in DC, as they have the power to redistrict the state's Congressional and state house districts. Virginia is one of the most gerrymandered states in the country, with aggressive attempts to change vote totals or move the borders social current elected officials are out of their districts. That also affects policies in the state.

Right now, there are 4 Democrats and 7 Republicans in the Congress from Virginia, despite the total vote being split nearly 50-50 -- and that's an improvement on 2012 and 2014, when it was 3 and 8. Thanks to gerrymandering, in the state house there are 34 Democrats and 66 Republicans, despite the state going for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

And as we have discovered, Republican members of Congress love to interfere in DC's affairs: they've previously tried (and sometimes succeeded) from trying to stop DC from spending money medical marijuana, decriminalized marijuana, women's health, LGBT issues, abortion services, and many other things DC taxpayers have voted for and want. And that's not to mention Congress dealing with issues that affect the country as a whole, like foreign policy, federal jobs, the environment and more.

To me, this volunteering also a way to affect change in an important place that's near us. DC is very Democratic, but just across the border it's much more competitive. You can be active in the city and also help out next door and have a big impact.

There are a number of events coming up that anyone can participate in: Check them out. Phone banking is a way to encourage voters to get out and vote, to make sure they know their polling places, and more, and canvassing does the same but in person. (I've done both a few times, they're actually kind of fun!)
  • 09/25 [Monday] – Women's National Democratic Club's Virginia Call to Action  
    • 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM at the WNDC (1526 New Hampshire Ave NW)
    • Many progressive groups including the Democratic National Committee will have booths where you can learn more about different ways to get involved in Virginia. There will also be phone banking & training!
    • Event Link HERE
  • 09/27 [Wednesday] – Phone Bank at the DNC
  • 09/28 [Thursday] – Phone Bank at the DNC hosted by DC for Progress
  • 09/30-10/01 [Saturday – Sunday] – Canvassing Weekend of Action!
There will be more events too after this!


  1. I thought Democrats were extremely terrified of and against the idea of someone from another jurisdiction affecting elections?
    Guess not.

  2. Not sure what you mean, I remember similar efforts in the past few elections. Lots of DC voters want to help out elsewhere, I'm sure with both parties.


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