Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tibetan pop-up hosted by former monk at Thip Thai, Aug. 22

This sounds pretty awesome: Thip Khao, the tasty Laotian restaurant at 3462 14th, is hosting a Tibetan pop-up with Chef Dorjee, a former Buddhist monk and refugee in Nepal and India.

It's a three-course, family style meal with meat and vegan items. Sounds pretty awesome.

You can get tickets here, and there's a discount code: MOMOSQUAD22.

Here's more from the restaurant:
Join Chef Dorjee, a former Buddhist monk, for an evening of savory, spicy, and tart Himalayan dishes inspired by his childhood as a nomad in Tibet and his experiences as a refugee in Nepal and India. Read more about Chef Dorjee in this article from The Washington Post Express.
Our pop-ups are an intimate and exciting dinner party where you can try new flavors and have a great evening with friends. You will be greeted with a welcome cocktail, and can expect a variety of surprising tastes from generous family-style dishes in 3 set courses of at least 6 dishes, including both meat-based and vegan dishes. Additional cocktails, wine, and beer are available a la carte from Thip Khao. We'll send guests an introductory email before the event to showcase several of the dishes you can expect and the stories behind them, and get to know you better! We look forward to serving you.

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