Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"Meditation park" coming to 13th/Quincy/Kansas triangle, but some folks aren't happy

This is interesting -- Petworth News reported that a "meditation garden-style" park will be coming to the grassy triangle bordered by 13th, Quincy and Kansas Avenue NW. The triangle is currently just grass. I used to live near there and it was mostly not used, aside from occasional dog-walking or folks playing sports.

Petworth News writes that some people aren't happy about it because they haven't been involved in the design process. The park was first presented at an ANC meeting in June 2016 and residents liked it and wanted to be involved, but residents say they haven't been heard from since. Seemingly the city's Department of Parks and Recreation was told they had no comments.

The full plans are here, which includes about half of the area remaining grassy, plus a central plaza area with various kinds of pavers, seats, trees and shrubs plus trash cans, bike racks and a drinking fountain. Might be a nice spot for hanging out, enjoying a coffee or the like. There will still be grass, but if folks want to play on fields, there's the Raymond Rec Center a block east or the fields at Upshur and 14th.

The park will be presented at a future ANC meeting, but ANC4's site still says the upcoming one is in July, so not sure about when.

What do you think -- nice idea?

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