Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Possibly unpopular opinion: I don't think Sundevich is that great

A few months ago, folks in the neighborhood were thrilled when Small Fry at 3212 Georgia started serving Sundevich sandwiches along with their usual barbecue. The same folks own both spots, as well as the awesome Union Drinkery next door plus A&D in Shaw.

And after trying a lot of the sandwiches there, I've come to a conclusion -- I don't think they're that great. By my count I've probably had 10 different sandwiches in order to give them a chance with a full sample size and most have been... fine. Not great, not bad, but just kind of bland.

The ingredients are decent quality, the bread is ok and they're made as they're described, but just fall flat for me. Nothing extraordinary. And I like Small Fry pretty well; they have solid BBQ, good mac and cheese and a great fried chicken sandwiches. (Just avoid the smoked vegetables.)

So I don't quite get it -- am I missing something about Sundevich? I've never been, so was I jaded by the universally positive reviews for the original Shaw location and expecting something awesome -- or is the original location just better?

Image from the Sundevich Twitter.


  1. TBH - I was really disappointed in Small Fry last time I went, and have noticed their product slip over the last 6 months or so. The brisket platter I ordered was a lousy grade of prime rib or something, definitely not smoked or bbq'd in any way.

  2. I agree. I've never been a fan and usually leave disappointed.

  3. The original location is just better. SmallFry doesn't feel welcoming and doesn't feel as clean. But I still really like SmallFry for the BBQ and for sunadavich. I think sundavich is really good anywhere.

  4. Well, that was a short friendship.

  5. I love Sundevich! I think the ingredients are great quality, the combination of ingredients is interesting, the bread is amazing, and they are big enough to last two meals. I've tried 14 of the sandwiches, and although I didn't love all of them, I would definitely order 10 or so of them again. I do hope neighbors continue to patronize them and show them support --- they are a great (and one of the only!) option(s) in the neighborhood for a quick bite.

    - J

  6. I went there recently with my husband & 2 kids. Thought it was great & the staff were very friendly. I've been recommending them left & right


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