Friday, May 5, 2017

Wonderland's 13th Annual Sundress Fest is Sunday!

Wow, we have an embarrassment of riches this weekend -- today is Cinco de Mayo, plus First Friday on Georgia Avenue, the new Reliable Tavern is opening, the Funk Parade is Saturday, and Sunday is the Wonderland Sundress Fest!

The fest, if you haven't been, is a big block party with proceeds going to DC Central Kitchen. It's called the Sundress Fest because they encourage everyone to wear sundresses, and those wearing them will get deals on drinks. They also have racks of them that you can buy for a small donation to DC Central Kitchen.

There's often music and lots of hilarity, and it's also a fun sight to see everybody in sundresses -- there's a lot of chest hair.

Here's their press release:
So You Want to Be a Philanthropist?Wonderland’s 12th annual Sundress Fest is calling. 
So you say you want to be a Philanthropist? 
Well, have we got a party for you, and all you need is a sundress and a sense of humor. If special occasions call for putting on your best dress, then the 13th annual Sundress Fest at The Wonderland Ballroom is certainly one of them!  As we celebrate over a decade in the neighborhood, Wonderland invites both the young and old to come out on the first Sunday in May to support a local charity by putting on a sundress and celebrating life. We’ll have an all-day happy hour for ANYONE in a sundress.   You can bring your own sundress, or get one at Wonderland. There will be racks of sundresses, and everyone will find a one that fits. This year we are raising funds for DC Central Kitchen, so c’mon, show a little leg. 
Situated on the corner of 11th and Kenyon St, NW, Wonderland became part of the neighborhood in 2004, back when the Columbia Height’s Metro stop was across from an empty lot. Now we’re on the southern goalpost of the neighborhood’s 11th Street strip, and a fine place for locals to find outdoor seating and familiar faces. 
But what’s so special about this place? We like to think it’s special because we have the nicest collection of Buddha’s and old signs anywhere in Columbia Heights. Or maybe it’s the dance parties upstairs. The 12 tap lines are cold, and the prices are right, so it could be that as well. But really we know it’s all the folks, the neighbors, the staff who hang out and get to know each other at Wonderland. 
Wonderland also prides itself on supporting local artists and community groups. The stage fills with trivia on Mondays, karaoke singers and DC Bocce players on Tuesdays, and live bands, comedy, and variety shows the rest of the week. DJ’s spin dance music way past midnight on the weekends. 
Please join us the first Sunday in May to help make our 13th Annual Sundress Fest a big one!  Whether you wear your own dress or get one at Wonderland, attend this charity in style. (But remember: don’t wear the same dress two years in a row!).Come along with us, follow the White Rabbit, and raise your glass in a toast:“Cheers! Here’s to being a Philanthropist!”

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