Monday, May 8, 2017

The Good Silver from Kangaroo Boxing Club, Ivy & Coney folks opens Tuesday, May 9, replacing KBC

New bar time! Just got a press release that The Good Silver is opening May 9 where Kangaroo Boxing Club was at 3410 11th Street NW. KBC closed in January and the owners, as well as longtime bartender Carrie Dzwil and the folks behind Ivy & Coney have been working on it since.

The name refers to the good plates and silverware your mom would bring out for special occasions,  and the focus will be "quality food and drink in a casual atmosphere." There will be a lot of shrub-based cocktails and food from local ingredients, such as an organic buttermilk-brined fried chicken sandwiches and a half smoke burger with pickled radish and sweet, tangy tomato jam. The full menu is below.

It looks like they opened up the space quite a bit and moved the bar to the middle of the room, removing the small walls that were there before.

Here's more!

The Good Silver, from Ivy and Coney Team, Opening Tuesday, May 9th

The team behind Ivy and Coney (Josh Saltzman, Chris Powers, and Adam Fry) and new partner, Carrie Dzwil, are excited to announce The Good Silver, at 3410 11th St. NW in Columbia Heights, will open Tuesday, May 9th at 5pm.

Remember when you were a kid, and mom would break out the “good” plates? It pays homage to a time when the everyday was elevated, simply by caring a little bit more. Don't expect the finest forks or vintage China, but instead, a focus on quality food and drink in a casual atmosphere.

On the drinks side, Dzwil has incorporated some of her favorite seasonal flavors into a variety of shrub-based cocktails which bring out the best of local produce for some refreshing, tart and not too sweet offerings. A spring highlight is her Lemongrass Ice Pick, which combines lemongrass-infused Civic Vodka from local distillery Republic Restoratives, honey-ginger syrup, iced tea and fresh sage. It has kept everyone sane and hydrated after (or during) long, hot days of construction. The drink menu also includes a sparkling shrub punch for four, and a concise but excellent liquor and craft beer list that includes local distilleries and breweries.

Rounding out the team is Remi Gottheil, a graduate of Dartmouth, who ran off to join the circus (seriously, he taught trapeze classes) and worked under chef Danny Boylen. Gottheil has created a highly seasonal menu combining the best currently available produce (from farms such as Pleitez Farms and 76 Acres) with pickles, preserves and locally sourced proteins. Guests can choose from a selection of “handhelds,” starters and charcuterie. Highlights include the organic buttermilk-brined fried chicken sandwiches and a half smoke burger with pickled radish and sweet, tangy tomato jam.

The space feels as if your grandma's living room was converted to a tavern. The large horseshoe bar serves as the focal point, flanked by cozy tables with the comfiest chairs this side of your local barber shop. Aiming to be as welcoming as your home, we've framed photos of our own families over many generations (some going back to the mid 1800's) and will invite our regulars to share their own histories on the walls in the coming months. Opposite our family photos is an expansive mural painted by DC-born artist Chad Brady depicting The Knights Who Say Ni. (They require a daily shrubbery, after all, and we've found they accept shrub-based cocktails and PBR as an appropriate offering.)

The Good Silver will initially be open Tuesday-Sunday at 5 pm with plans to add weekend brunch and expanded weekday hours in the future. We look forward to welcoming everyone into our new home tomorrow.

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