Monday, May 1, 2017

Taste spirits from local distillers this Sunday, May 7 at Union Drinkery

D.C. has been experiencing a rebirth of making liquor lately, with a lot of new distillers and other spirits makers opening in the past few years -- New Columbia with their Green Hat Gin, Jos. A. Magnus, District Distilling, Cotton and Reed, Chacho and more. And the last three of those will be holding a spirits tasting event at Union Drinkery on Sunday, also with live painting, from 1-6 pm.

I wrote about District Distilling earlier, they're on U Street near 14th, and have a bar as well as their production distillery, are are currently selling the rum, gin and vodka they make. They're also making whiskey but it takes some time to age, so they are currently selling some blended whiskey as well.

Chacho is a DC-made aguardiente, a type of Latin American cane sugar spirit, in this case infused with JalapeƱo. They make it with South American cane sugar.

Cotton and Reed is a rum distillery based at Union Market founded by a pair of former NASA employees.

Sounds like a cool event at one of my favorite local bars.

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