Monday, May 15, 2017

Jenkins Capital BBQ opening in Ruby Tuesday space in a few weeks with sidewalk cafe; is mysterious

Well, I've written a few times about Jenkins Capital BBQ, which is coming to the former Ruby Tuesday space at 14th and Monroe. A reader just sent in a few pictures on the interior, and it looks to me like it's ready to go, there also appears to be a worker inside. I spoke to their lawyer, who said they are just finishing up some construction and should be open in a few weeks.

They applied for a liquor license a while ago including a 48 seat sidewalk cafe and 235 seats overall. I can't tell if they were granted it or not, and there was a protest by some ANC commissioners, acting as residents rather than as officials. I'm trying to find more about that.

However, it's a pretty mysterious spot, in my opinion. They don't have a website, Facebook or anything else I can find, and there's very little other info out there. The website on their opening soon banner,, doesn't work.

PoP wrote that he was told they're related to a Jenkins Quality BBQ in Jacksonville, but when I called that restaurant they said they weren't related at all, they only have three Florida locations. The lawyer for Jenkins Capital BBQ said said the same thing, they're not related at all.

If you're with Jenkins, please email me! I'd love to know more about your restaurant. I like BBQ.

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