Friday, May 12, 2017

Ever see those kids fundraising for Roosevelt High? Odds are it's a scam -- but actual fundraiser today at Chick-fil-A

Every now and then on the Metro and elsewhere I've seen groups of kids, and sometimes adults, walking around saying they're fundraising for Petworth's Roosevelt High School, a Roosevelt sports team or something similar. They have a piece of paper, sometimes laminated, with info about the team. However, WUSA reports that it's a scam.

DC Public Schools say the Metro fundraiser isn't affiliated with the school, and that they only do fundraisers on campus. They also said to check the school's Twitter or call them, 202-576-6130.

The scammers had the misfortune of talking to both Petworth News blogger Drew Schneider and DC Councilmember Robert White, who both thought something was fishy. Pretty shitty of people to do this to people who think they're helping a local school.

However, there is an official, legit fundraiser today though -- if you eat at Chick-fil-A today and bring the flyer with you (or show them the flyer on your phone) the store will donate to the school.

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