Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cool: Odd Provisions has iced coffee with frozen coffee ice cubes

Today I stopped into Odd Provisions, the cool little market at 11th and Lamont, and noticed they had iced coffee -- but with pre-made frozen coffee ice cubes.

Pretty clever idea -- the cubes were already in a cup in the freezer so you don't water your iced coffee down as you drink it. They used to do something similar at Zombie Coffee and Donuts, so maybe that was the inspiration.

If you haven't been, Odd Provisions has a lot of nice produce, food, drinks, beer and wine as well as delicious pre-made food like sandwiches, pimento cheese and a tasty buffalo cauliflower salad.

It's not traditional corner store stuff, most of the items are pretty high quality or locally made. I like it for a lunch bite or some dinner ingredients. Good beer and cider too.

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