Saturday, April 1, 2017

Who's excited for Naked Saturday today at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park

If you're a naturist like me, you know that today's Naked Saturday at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park is a lot of fun. The event, in it's 14th year, is an eyeful of outdoor nudity and good times.

The event features lots of food (lots of deep fryers), vendors, fun and games. A favorite among attendees are the slip n' slides (bring your own baby oil) and touch football, plus there's free sunscreen for all. There are also a lot of fun contests, like jalapeƱo-eating, a three-legged race, and pin the tail on whoever.

Vendors include Bic razors, Johnson & Johnson, Uncle Randy's Mirrored Shades and Nair. They often have a lot of freebies as well as face and body painting.

I've been going for years, letting it all metaphorically and literally hang out with all my fellow members of the naturism community. As a long-time sponsor of the event, we at Nude Columbia Heights hope you can join us, sans clothes. I'm tired of the tyranny of clothes and I bet you are too. Let's end it once and for all. Or at least today.

(Also don't be creepy.)

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