Thursday, April 6, 2017

Patrick's Pet Care and volunteers planning to clean up 11th and Park Dog Park on Earth Day

This is neat. The folks at Patrick's Pet Care on 11th are planning a clean-up of the dog park at 11th and Park, scheduled for Earth Day, April 22. The dog park, which is owned by Metro, is popular but has seen better days. If you'd like to help, here's more info about the event. You'll get lunch from Red Rocks if you help out too!
Columbia Heights Dog Park Clean Up Project Planned COLUMBIA HEIGHTS, NW, DC— This Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM the staff of Patrick’s Pet Care alongside considerate neighborhood volunteers plans to clean up the Columbia Heights dog park.  Located at the corner of 11th St and Park Road in Northwest, the popular park has fallen into disrepair in recent years. 
 Patrick’s Pet Care owner, Patrick Flynn, says the project aims to draw attention to the need for improvements and the importance of the dog park to its community. He hopes this clean-up will provide modest improvements while signaling that a permanent solution is needed to raise the Columbia Heights dog park up to DC standards.  
“As a resident of Columbia Heights, I know the dog park serves as a place where neighbors gather to socialize and relax while their dogs romp.  
It needs to accommodate the dogs and their people,” continues Flynn.  “It’s part of my company’s mission to partner with the communities we serve. Projects like this enable us to honor that goal.”  
The clean-up project will include removing garbage and old toys from the park, installing a drainage channel, and repairing the protective fencing that prevents smaller dogs from slipping under the gate. A rain basin will also be installed to provide a sustainable source of water for the dogs.  
Support from neighborhood organizations makes this project possible. Representatives from the Columbia Heights Initiative and Neighborly Lawns will be attending the event, and Neighborly Lawns is also donating materials. RedRocks will provide lunch for the volunteers. 
To help fund the event, Patrick’s Pet Care has applied for a grant from Columbia Heights ANC 1A. Volunteers are welcome and can contact Jane Garfinkel with any questions at
 Patrick’s Pet Care is a five year old community-oriented pet services company specializing in dog walking, pet sitting, day care, training, transport and boarding for dogs, cats and other pets in Northwest and the Southwest DC.  For more information, please visit 
Jane GarfinkelMarketing and Events Manager


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  2. This is a superb idea! I'll be there to support them! Thank you Patrick's Pet Care and others for organizing!

  3. FYI: The website listed at the end of your post goes to a broken link (probably should be and the email address comes back undeliverable. (Maybe the URL got garbled there, too?) Just passing this along so folks who want to help will be able to!


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