Thursday, March 2, 2017

TV's "Scandal" shows Columbia Heights Metro on the Orange and Blue line

Ha, whoops. Twitter user @runwineopine spotted a sign for the Columbia Heights Metro on Scandal showing that it's on the Orange and Blue line. While that would be nice to get around the city (as long as it's also on the Yellow and Green lines) it's very not correct. Pretty minor, but also not that hard to get right, one would think.

There are also apparently some palm trees near the sign in another shot.

Actor Josh Malina from the show, pointed out (sarcastically?) that the episode was filmed in Los Angeles.
Our neighborhood has been featured on TV shows in the past too, such as Bones and Lie to Me (where a character lived at the address of 105 Addison), and in movies like The Butler, which talked about the 1968 riots.  In the Line of Fire where Clint Eastwood and Dylan McDermott chase John Malkovich down Park Road.

Here's the clip from In the Line of Fire, where the guy who plays Bania on Seinfeld tells Eastwood to go to Florida Avenue NE, which is actually the corner of Park and Holmead. You can see the fire station too, and a grassy lot where the Giant is now.  Oddly, that movie also featured Josh Malina.

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