Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Replacement for KBC to be called The Good Silver from Ivy & Coney, KBC alums

A few months ago we heard that Kangaroo Boxing Club at 3410 11th Street NW was closing, and that former manager Carrie Dzwil would be opening something else in the space. And now we know what that something is!

In a press release, the place will be called The Good Silver, from owners of Ivy and Coney and Dzwil. It sounds like American/Southern food and drink in a relaxed vibe. They describe it as "The Good Silver will focus on simple seasonal ingredients, pickled veggies, cured meats and a certain banquet beer combo"

Read on for more details:

The Good Silver set to open Spring/Summer 2017 at 3410 11th St. in Columbia Heights

The team behind Ivy and Coney (Josh Saltzman, Chris Powers, and Adam Fry) and partner Carrie Dzwil, are excited to announce their newest bar, The Good Silver, at 3410 11th St. NW in Columbia Heights.

While we still believe hotdogs are a primary food group, The Good Silver will focus on simple seasonal ingredients, pickled veggies, cured meats and a certain banquet beer combo. Think local heirloom tomatoes in August, or strawberries in June, but when Winter arrives a BLT featuring tomato jam or rum punch spiked with a best-of-the-season strawberry shrub will be on the menu. We will also be adding some cutting-edge technology such as credit card machines, bar spoons, and level floors. What a time to be alive!

The Good Silver is all about getting the best out of life without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Remember when you were a kid, and mom would break out the “good” plates, or grandma would take the plastic off the sofa and let you sit on the “good” part? It pays homage to a time when the everyday was elevated, simply by caring a little bit more. Don't expect the finest forks or vintage China, but instead, a focus on customer service and quality ingredients for both drink and food. No need to dress up here; we welcome anyone who’d like to have a Manhattan in their footie-jammies.

The Good Silver was designed by The Knights Who Say Ni architecture firm and features a large reclaimed oak bar, wallpaper, and two shrubberies (one slightly higher than the other, with a little path between, and not too expensive).  The space will feature 18 bar seats, a few tables, and a 16 person patio.

We look forward to welcoming everyone into our new home in the coming months.

Twitter: @goodsilverdc

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