Friday, March 31, 2017

Finally! WMATA to run express 14th Street buses, the 59!

Great news! The 14th Street buses, which are often very slow and stop almost every block, are getting some help -- the city has proposed an express bus similar to the S9 on 16th Street and the 79 on Georgia Avenue, which will only make a few stops on the way downtown.

The route runs from Takoma Metro to 10th and Constitution NW, stopping at Upshur, Spring, Park, Irving, Chapin/Belmont and U Street in our area. It's in the city's budget, so that's a great sign they're serious about it. Park and Irving are a bit close for my interest, but still a good sign.

Here's a note about it from ANC commissioner Zach Teutsch. He has more on Greater Greater Washington, including other bus routes in other part of the city. I've talked about this issue many times before ("I hate the 14th Street bus"), so I'm glad they're working on it. It sometimes takes 45 minutes to get downtown on the regular 14th Street buses.
Dear Neighbors,
I am sure many of you have heard by now but for those who haven't, I wanted to share some great news: Mayor Bowser has officially proposed funding for a new 59 bus. The 59 would run on 14th street but with many fewer stops, like the S9 does on 16th street. 
In a city rapidly attracting affluent new residents and with a growing tax base, it's essential that we use the money to invest in making all District residents' lives better. The 59 bus would shorten commutes, improve the environment, reduce congestion, improve public health, and help our city grow. These benefits will accrue to longtime residents and newer residents, young and old, and those of all races. Those are just the kind of investments DC needs. 
I want to especially thanks the local community leaders, residents, and businesses who were essential in advocating for this outcome. I also want to especially recognize the key role played by (in alphabetical order) CMs Nadeau, Silverman, and Todd in encouraging the Mayor to include it in her budget. I also want to thank Jasmin Benab, with the Mayor's Office who also played a key role. 
The Mayor including funding in her budget is a great step (perhaps the most important step) but the bus funding isn't certain yet. You can read more here: 
Image from GGW 

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  1. Thanks for covering this Andrew and for all your great work to connect neighbors and news.

    Zach Teutsch
    Chairperson, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C
    1323 Shepherd St NW, 20011


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