Friday, February 10, 2017

The Post writes a good guide for eating and drinking in Petworth (and actually in Petworth!)

There's been a lot of new stuff in our area in the last few months or so, especially in Petworth, and the Post wrote a guide to the area.

They go through breakfast through post-dinner drinks and include Slim's Diner, Qualia Coffee, Little Coco's, Straw Stick and Brick (a deli at 5111 Georgia), Hank's Cocktail Bar (formerly Twisted Horn), Himitsu, Petworth Citizen, Ruta del Vino, Slash Run, Ten Tigers Parlour, and Timber Pizza Co.

If you haven't been, I'd especially recommend Slash Run and Little Coco's, they are awesome (and coincidentally both from Jackie Greenbaum of El Chucho.)

And unlike some articles that talk about places like Looking Glass as being in Petworth, these are actually all Petworth places, except debatably Little Coco's, which is sort of North Columbia Heights or 14th Street Heights or who-knows-what. (I talked about this area before too.)

It's a good guide with a lot of hot spots. Any spots you think they missed? Or other faves? There are still a few I haven't visited and a few I'm writing about soon, like Ten Tigers.

Photo by Elvert Barnes


  1. Wait, Looking Glass isn't Petworth? Do you consider it just Park View? Very curious how you define the boundaries. Thanks!

  2. I'd say everything south of the Metro is Park View to about Columbia Road, which is then Pleasant Plains, and I've heard mixed things on if Park View goes west to Sherman or Georgia. I wrote about it before a few times and the Park View DC blog quotes a 1921 Park View guide:

    "The territory comprising Park View extends from Gresham Street north to Rock Creek Church Road, and from Georgia Avenue to the Soldiers' Home grounds, including the triangle bounded by Park Road, Georgia Avenue, and New Hampshire Avenue" (from Directory and History of Park View, 1921.)

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  4. Homestead, man. Where's some Homestead love?

    [note: I was the cause of the deleted comment, accidentally posted from my work account vs. personal...welp. Apologies!]

  5. Agree on everything except Qualia. Qualia made the list because it's the only coffee shop. No competition.


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