Tuesday, February 7, 2017

It's unseasonably nice out: here are our favorite patios in the neighborhood

It's super nice out there, and makes me want to get outside and have a drink or meal with some friends. Here are my favorite patios in the area -- miss any? Leave yours in the comments.

  • Wonderland at 11th and Kenyon has to be the standard: lots of tables, huge beers and odds are you'll run into somebody you know
  • Union Drinkery at 3216 Georgia has a back patio with big picnic tables: outdoors but hidden, a nice hanging spot for their delicious, inexpensive cocktails and tasty beers
  • Colony Club at 3118 Georgia also has a back patio with rustic wood. They have some good light beers, perfect for an outdoor hang
  • Georgia Avenue in general: you can't go wrong with Bravo, Midlands, Looking Glass, DC Reynolds and so on all have outdoor areas
  • Room 11 at 11th and Lamont: nice cocktails and good wine outdoors, what could be better?
  • Red Rocks at 11th and Park has a nice happy hour with drinks and snacks
  • Red Derby and Lyman's at 14th and Quincy: the two neighbors have outdoor spaces with bars, so it's easy to get a drink and hang out.
  • And finally, not a patio, but Meridian Hill Park is a nice option for a picnic. Don't bring kegs or cases of beer though, it's still a national park.

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