Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Burnt Glassworks now open at 2818 Georgia with glass pipes, mugs, art

If you're interested in glass pipes and other glass work, check out Burnt Glassworks, a newish spot at Georgia and Gresham. I haven't been and there aren't any Yelp reviews yet, but their Facebook page has various kinds of pipes, beer mugs, artwork and other glass pieces. Their Instagram has a lot of different items and says they make the items themselves, which is cool.

They describe themselves as "an artist focused glass studio and art showroom looking to foster a sense of community with those working around us."

As for what these pipes are used for, you will have to figure that out yourself. Perhaps tobacco or herbal blends.

Seems like a good idea, I'm not sure if there are many similar shops around town and none that I know of in our area.

Below are a couple shots from their Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. I spoke with the owner, and they'll also be holding glass blowing classes in the space. Very neat!


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