Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fat Tuesday pancakes, King Cake at Slim's Diner today

If you wanted to get in the Fat Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday mood, get yourself to Slim's Diner at Georgia and Upshur, they're serving pancakes and selling their house-made King Cake all day, traditional Mario Gras foods.

King Cake, if you're not familiar, is sweet cake baked with a plastic baby (representing Baby Jesus) in one of the pieces -- whoever gets the baby traditionally has to make the cake next year, but sometimes there are other traditions.

Here's more from the Atlantic about the pancake tradition.

Slim's is open 7am-10pm.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Burnt Glassworks now open at 2818 Georgia with glass pipes, mugs, art

If you're interested in glass pipes and other glass work, check out Burnt Glassworks, a newish spot at Georgia and Gresham. I haven't been and there aren't any Yelp reviews yet, but their Facebook page has various kinds of pipes, beer mugs, artwork and other glass pieces. Their Instagram has a lot of different items and says they make the items themselves, which is cool.

They describe themselves as "an artist focused glass studio and art showroom looking to foster a sense of community with those working around us."

As for what these pipes are used for, you will have to figure that out yourself. Perhaps tobacco or herbal blends.

Seems like a good idea, I'm not sure if there are many similar shops around town and none that I know of in our area.

Below are a couple shots from their Facebook and Instagram.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Taqueria del Barrio, Mexican spot from DC Empanadas food truck coming to old Domku space on Upshur in March

A lot of folks were sad when Upshur, the Scandinavian and Eastern European mainstay closed at 821 Upshur last year. But now we know what's coming: Taqueria del Barrio from the folks behind the DC Empanadas food truck.

Washingtonian has more on the spot, whose owners promise "legit" Mexican food. James Leeds of neighboring Hank's Cocktail Bar encouraged the owners to pick the location.

It will have traditional Mexican items like tacos, tortas and so on, plus empanadas, and house-made tortillas.

There will be margaritas and buckets of beer, plus drinks from bartender Chris Marino with "ingredients like mole-infused vermouth, banana and cinnamon, or pink peppercorn and sumac."

Another Washingtonian article had some renderings, posted here.

They're aiming at late mid-March, so pretty soon.

There's been a real explosion of Mexican food in our area lately, so I wonder if they'll will all succeed -- Taqueria Distrito Federal El Chucho and El Tio are the older ones, joined by Taqueria Habanero about two years ago, then Ruta del Vino (which is more Latin American) and Mezcalero a few months ago (where I've had one bad experience and another with a wait twice as long as they suggested, so we went elsewhere.) Especially since Domku closed after a big rent hike, it may be tricky for Taqueria del Barrio to make it.

The upstairs at Union Drinkery is awesome, check it out

I've been to Union Drinkery a bunch of times since it opened, it's my favorite new bar in our area. The spot, owned by the same folks as A&D and Sundevich (and Small Fry) at 3216 Georgia has a good vibe, nice folks and tasty, not expensive drinks.

They also have a big back patio, but I'd never ventured upstairs, and the other day I was glad I did -- it's basically another bar.

It's a big space that looks like it used to be a townhouse, with little nooks and rooms and black-painted closets with art in them. There's lots of space for a big group or an intimate date, plus another bar, games and a big Jenga. I took a couple (blurry) shots, but they don't do it justice, it's really neat. Check it out.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Midlands donating all profits on Monday to Latin American Youth Center

This is pretty cool: The Midlands, the beer garden at 3333 Georgia, will be donating all profits made on Monday to the Latin American Youth Center, which works with low-income youngsters and families through cultural, educational and skills programming. Their work includes tutoring, arts, health, housing and job skills, among others, and serves a large and diverse group of people.

Here's more from the Midlands, and they also have a Facebook event invite.
In honor of President's Day The Midlands will be donating 100% of profits from the entire day to the Latin American Youth Center of Washington DC.

Their mission is to empower a diverse population of youth to achieve a successful transition to adulthood through multi-cultural, comprehensive, and innovative programs that address youths’ social, academic, and career needs. 
Since their founding in the late 1960s, LAYC has grown from a small grassroots recreation center to a nationally recognized agency serving all low-income youth. Each year LAYC serves over 4,000 youth and families through youth centers, school-based sites, and public charter schools in the District of Columbia and Maryland’s Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties as the Maryland Multicultural Youth Centers (MMYC).

They believe in a future where all youth pursue their dreams, reach their goals, and acquire the skills and self-confidence to live a life of purpose, connection, contribution, and joy. 
So come join us for what is starting to look like a beautfiul, 65 degree feburary day and lets raise a whole lotta movey to help the future of our nation by enjoying beer with your friends and family in the sunshine. Remember, nothing beats day-drinkin' unless it's day-drinkin' for good casue. See you MONDAY!

Gussini Fashion opening in former Staples space in DCUSA

If you haven't walked by DCUSA lately, you may have missed the new sign where Staples used to be on 14th Street, for Gussini, a fashion retailer.

The company is a local chain based in Bladensburg, Maryland with about 10 stores and sells clothes and footwear, including a lot of plus size items. Looking at their website it looks a bit like Kohl's inside.

Their website says:
GUSSINI FASHION was founded With a vision of becoming a neighborhood boutique. GUSSINI FASHION grew to over 10 stores. We have over 10 locations and are one of the fastest-growing retailers in the U.S. 
GUSSINI FASHION offers a wide assortment of clothing for juniors and plus sizes, as well as an extensive shoe collection. GUSSINI FASHION is about bringing you the very latest in new fashions and styles and our assortment is constantly changing. So, if you see something you like you better grab it quick or you may miss out! 
GUSSINI FASHION has also been a pioneer in attractive, well-fitting apparel for plus sizes. We firmly believe that every woman, regardless of shape or size, should enjoy fun, fashionable, and feminine clothing at an affordable price. 
GUSSINI FASHION is headquartered in Bladensburg, MD.
Here's a shot of a store from their website.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Neighborhood restaurants participating in today's Day Without Immigrants protest: Bad Saint, Le Caprice, Thip Khao, Meridian Pint, Room 11 more

Some local establishments are taking part in today's Day Without Immigrants, where restaurants are closing or donating profits as a way to highlight the importance of immigrants to the food service industry.

Eater has a full list, and in our area Bad Saint, Busboys and Poets, Florida Avenue Grill, Himitsu, Le Caprice, and Thip Khao are closing today, while Meridian Pint and Room 11 are having only their bars open, no kitchen, and Meridian Pint is bring your own food.

Pretty neat.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Local nonprofit 826DC hosting ping pong tournament fundraiser: want to compete, watch or donate?

826DC, the local nonprofit that tutors kids and operates the Tivoli's Astounding Magic Supply Co. storefront, is hosting their fifth annual ping pong tournament fundraiser: Paddlestar Galactica.

They're looking for folks to compete or donate to the event, which sounds like a lot of fun. The tournament itself is at U Street Music Hall on March 26.

Here's more from them:
826DC is raising money by having volunteers and friends compete in a bracket-style ping-pong tournament. Being our fifth year in a row, this event has generated amazing results in donations-last year we surpassed $50,000! All of these proceeds go towards our programs, keeping them free for the students to enjoy.

We're looking to spread the word about the event to anyone interested in either competing or donating, and we would love your help! You can visit our page or Facebook event to learn more about it. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Stay involved after the Women's March: "huddles" for what people can do next in Petworth, today and over the next three weeks

This is neat: if you attended the Women's March a few weeks ago, you probably saw and felt the electrifying energy behind it. And whether you marched or not, some folks in Petworth are hoping to join others around the country catalyze that energy and figure out what to do next.

On the Women's March website there's a list of 10 things you can do in the next 100 days, and one of them is a huddle, or a way to get together and talk about the next steps.

And one resident, Lylie Fisher, has organized three huddles in our area at the Homestead restaurant and bar at 3911 Georgia. The first one is tonight, then the next two Thursdays. Here's more from her:
I have started the "Action and Sanity" Huddle so we can practically explore thoughtful responses to emerging government policies/actions that affect us, our community, country and world. The goal of the Action and Sanity Huddle is to find common ground, support each other’s efforts and maintain our equilibrium. The Huddle will be positive, inclusive, and action-oriented. The focus is to share community organizing ideas, forge collaborations and inspire individual endeavors. 
What is a Huddle? Part of the first 100 days strategy through the Women's March this gathering of friends and neighbors will begin to transform the energy we saw at Women’s Marches into practical ongoing engagement. Over 4,000 Huddles are meeting in the USA and around the world. 
Can you join me? Click here for details and to RSVP:

Learn more at: https://www.womensmarch.com/100/action2/

Feb 14:
Feb 21:
Feb 28:


Monday, February 13, 2017

Small Chop, the coffee shop pop-up in The Hilltop is awesome; check them out

Last week I decided to check out Small Chop, the coffee and pastry pop-up shop in the Hilltop restaurant at Sherman and Girard. They're open 7am-2pm on weekdays with coffee, espresso, pastries and and kolaches, Texan/Czech pastries with filling.

I got a tasty espresso drink and a sour cherry kolache, which was awesome -- good bread stuffed with the fruit. They have various rotating kinds too, like Migas with scrambled egg, onion, cheese, pepper and tortilla chips.

It's definitely a cool spot, and they have wifi as well. You can find more at Small Chop's Instagram.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Post writes a good guide for eating and drinking in Petworth (and actually in Petworth!)

There's been a lot of new stuff in our area in the last few months or so, especially in Petworth, and the Post wrote a guide to the area.

They go through breakfast through post-dinner drinks and include Slim's Diner, Qualia Coffee, Little Coco's, Straw Stick and Brick (a deli at 5111 Georgia), Hank's Cocktail Bar (formerly Twisted Horn), Himitsu, Petworth Citizen, Ruta del Vino, Slash Run, Ten Tigers Parlour, and Timber Pizza Co.

If you haven't been, I'd especially recommend Slash Run and Little Coco's, they are awesome (and coincidentally both from Jackie Greenbaum of El Chucho.)

And unlike some articles that talk about places like Looking Glass as being in Petworth, these are actually all Petworth places, except debatably Little Coco's, which is sort of North Columbia Heights or 14th Street Heights or who-knows-what. (I talked about this area before too.)

It's a good guide with a lot of hot spots. Any spots you think they missed? Or other faves? There are still a few I haven't visited and a few I'm writing about soon, like Ten Tigers.

Photo by Elvert Barnes

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Two literary cocktail nights at Petworth Citizen this week: Off the Books and Ta-Nehisi Coates-inspired drinks

Petworth Citizen is hosting two neat events this week, continuing their theme of literary drinks -- tonight starting at 7 pm is Off the Books, where mixologist Sean McPherson picks cocktails related to current events from cocktail books. Sounds like fun.

And tomorrow also starting at 7, this week's Literary Cocktails are inspired by National Book Award and Macarthur Genius Grant winner Ta-Nehisi Coates, also a Howard alum.

Here's more info for both:
Cocktail history is still being made every day. That's the inspiration behind Sean MacPherson's Thursday night series, Off the Books, only in the Reading Room DC. Sean picks a cocktail book that inspires him, either historical or contemporary, and mines its pages for the best and most groundbreaking cocktails in the world.

This Thursday he's reading/pouring from Dale DeGroff's THE CRAFT OF THE COCKTAIL, which teaches readers to make "500 of the world's best drinks." Sample a few of them with us this Thursday, created and poured by a master of DC bartending!

MacArthur "Genius" and National Book Award-winner Ta-Nehisi Coates is the inspiration for Chantal Tseng's literary cocktails this weekend. Every weekend Chantal picks a new author or theme, takes a deep dive into their library, and makes a unique menu of cocktails inspired by her reading.

Take pictures of your drinks this weekend, tag @petworthcitizen in them, and use the hashtags #GetLit and #LiteraryCocktails to be entered into a contest for a complimentary drink.

**PLEASE NOTE** These cocktails are inspired by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Mr. Coates is NOT expected to be with us that night.
Petworth Citizen is at 829 Upshur Street NW. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ward One councilmember Nadeau to have telephone town hall, meet with constituents

If you want to hear what's new with Ward 1, or have some feedback or ideas for Councilmember Nadeau, there are a few opportunities coming up to talk with her. She's organizing a telephone town hall on Feb. 15 and is also hosting the next "Brianne on Your Block" meeting where you can chat with her at a local business on Feb. 22 at Coffy Cafe.

The details are below. A great opportunity to meet your Councilmember and have your voice heard.

Sign Up: Ward 1 Telephone Town Hall

Next week, I will hold my first Ward 1 telephone town hall to offer an update from Council, including ways we as District residents can resist federal interference with our laws and values.
WHAT: Ward 1 Telephone Town Hall with Councilmember Brianne K. Nadeau
WHEN: Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 6:00 p.m.
Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be on the list. You’ll automatically get a call at the beginning of the town hall inviting you to join, at which point you’ll have the chance to ask questions about issues that matter to you and hear more about the work I’m doing on the Council.

Upcoming Brianne on Your Block in Columbia Heights

I’ll be holding informal office hours in the community in two weeks to chat one-on-one about issues that matter to you. Drop by:
WHAT: Brianne on Your Block community office hours
WHERE: Coffy Cafe, 3310 14th St NW
WHEN: Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
The event is part of my Brianne on Your Block series, which are regular opportunities for Ward 1 community members to meet me at locations across the ward. Participants will sign in as they arrive, and I’ll speak with residents in informal conversations about topics that interest them.

Ward 1 is in the heart of the District and contains the neighborhoods of Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, Adams Morgan, U Street, Pleasant Plains, Park View, Shaw, LeDroit Park, Meridian Hill, Lanier Heights, Kalorama and more. Click here for a downloadable map of Ward 1.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

It's unseasonably nice out: here are our favorite patios in the neighborhood

It's super nice out there, and makes me want to get outside and have a drink or meal with some friends. Here are my favorite patios in the area -- miss any? Leave yours in the comments.

  • Wonderland at 11th and Kenyon has to be the standard: lots of tables, huge beers and odds are you'll run into somebody you know
  • Union Drinkery at 3216 Georgia has a back patio with big picnic tables: outdoors but hidden, a nice hanging spot for their delicious, inexpensive cocktails and tasty beers
  • Colony Club at 3118 Georgia also has a back patio with rustic wood. They have some good light beers, perfect for an outdoor hang
  • Georgia Avenue in general: you can't go wrong with Bravo, Midlands, Looking Glass, DC Reynolds and so on all have outdoor areas
  • Room 11 at 11th and Lamont: nice cocktails and good wine outdoors, what could be better?
  • Red Rocks at 11th and Park has a nice happy hour with drinks and snacks
  • Red Derby and Lyman's at 14th and Quincy: the two neighbors have outdoor spaces with bars, so it's easy to get a drink and hang out.
  • And finally, not a patio, but Meridian Hill Park is a nice option for a picnic. Don't bring kegs or cases of beer though, it's still a national park.

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Hilltop on Sherman now hosting Small Chop pop-up cafe with coffee, pastry and kolaches on weekday mornings, weekends to come

More coffee! The Hilltop, the newish restaurant and bar at Sherman and Girard, is now hosting Small Chop, a cafe pop-up with coffee and espresso, pastries and kolaches, a Central European via Texas pastry filled with fruit, meat or other ingredients.

They look pretty awesome: the other day they posted about a migas variety, the Tex-Mex dish with 
scrambled egg, onion, cheddar, peppers and Tortilla chips.

Right now they're open 7am-2pm on weekdays but Small Chop's Twitter says weekends are to come.

Hilltop is a nice spot, I feel like it would make for a cozy breakfast or lunch as well.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Neighborhood cleanup Feb. 4, with discount from Union Drinkery afterwards!

Here's a cool way to help your neighborhood, meet your neighbors and get a discount at Union Drinkery too!
Georgia Avenue Thrive, the active local nonprofit, will hold its next neighborhood cleanup on Saturday, Feb. 4th promptly @ 10am the corner of Georgia Avenue and Keefer Place.

Union Drinkery will sponsor the cleanup, giving all volunteers 20% off their next check. The offer is valid during the month of February. 
Students from Chavez Prep will also join the clean up!

Help the city by taking a public safety survey: police, crime, future chief and more

Want to help the city plan and understand public safety better? Take a survey! The Mayor recently put out a press release discussing public safety issues. The city, which has lower crime over the year, wants to hear your feedback on the police, public safety and the search for a new police chief.

Here's the survey, and the press release:
Today, Mayor Bowser launched an online survey to gather residents’ input about issues related to public safety in Washington, DC. In 2016, violent crime in DC decreased by 10 percent, with a 17 percent reduction in homicides and a 13 percent reduction in robberies. In her first two years in office, total crime is down 9 percent. The new online survey will inform the Bowser Administration on its work to create a safer, stronger DC. 
“We ended 2016 with decreases in both violent crime and property crime. Engaging the community on our efforts to build a safer, stronger DC will yield better results,” said Mayor Bowser. “My Administration is committed to continuously finding ways to better serve our residents, and this survey and our Community Conversations call will help us do just that.” 
On Saturday, the Mayor will host a Community Conversations call with DC residents. In November, Mayor Bowser hosted a town hall style conference call with over 5,000 residents to hear residents’ anxieties and fears after Election Day. Like the online survey, the upcoming Community Conversations call will focus on gathering input from residents regarding public safety in DC. During the call, Mayor Bowser will be joined by community members. 
Residents will receive a phone call on Saturday, January 28 at 1 pm inviting them to remain on the line for the Community Conversations call. Those residents who stay on the line will join a discussion with Mayor Bowser and other stakeholders - questions will be fielded from community members on the call as well as from Twitter and Facebook.
The online survey is available HERE and can be done either on a computer or smartphone. The survey is designed to take approximately ten minutes for residents to complete. Paper copies of the survey will be available at Recreation Centers and MPD police stations next week. Residents wishing to join the public safety Community Conversations call on Saturday, January 28 at 1 pm can register HERE.