Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Help out with the Women's March on Saturday: help direct folks to the route or help along the route

There are a lot of Jan. 21 post-Women's March activities in our area, like the fundraiser at Midlands, a comedy show fundraiser for the ACLU at Wonderland and other happy hours at local spots like the Red Derby and others, and many local businesses are donating proceeds from the weekend to nonprofits. But there's also opportunities to help directly with the march.

Organizers are expecting hundreds of thousands of people to attend, many from outside the city, so they can use the help.

Here's a note I got from a friend who's helping to organize it:
And, if you'd like to volunteer there are two options right now to support the march directly. You could be a local ambassador or a marshall. Ambos are placed in key locations to direct crowd to/from the march. Marshalls are along the march route.

If you're interested to take a local ambo shift, email wmwlocalambassadors(at)gmail[dot]com. They'll send you the link to select a shift. There's also a training you can take, but it's offered online and isn't required.
If you're interested in seeing how else you can help, there's a form here to get signed up.

New York magazine has a great guide for preparing for the march too if you're an attendee. They also have a guide for where to go to the bathroom -- not always the easiest at a big event.

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