Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Zombie Coffee and Donuts has closed

Well, there's one fewer coffee option in the hood: PoP reports that Zombie Coffee and Donuts has closed.

To be honest I always forgot about this place and I've never been, but I know some folks are fans. Anybody miss it?

I wonder what will come next? This spot was formerly Tasti D-Lite, a frozen custard place that didn't last very long. Maybe Julia's Empanadas will make a return to our neighborhood?

If you need a coffee fix, Tynan across the street is pretty solid, as is Coffy Cafe up the street, Qualia, Harrar, Heat da Spot and Colony Club.


  1. That block is so uninviting. It gets plenty of foot traffic, though maybe mostly on the other side of the street? I wonder if adding a stop sign on Irving at Hiatt Place would help. Then people could cross midblock without dying.

    What they really should have done is connect the DSW lobby with the Target one, but I guess it's too late for that.

  2. This is a real disappointment. Zombie had excellent donuts with many creative flavors that were made to order. I would bring these donuts to my office and everybody loved them, especially as a welcomed change from Dunkin. I think it's tough for venues - other than terrible chains like Panda Express - to stick on that side of the block. I'm sure the rent isn't cheap and whatever goes there next is crammed between some uninspiring choices.

  3. I do not drink coffee, and rarely eat donuts, but their donuts were spectacular. Will miss that on my way to Petco....

  4. I frequented this place often. Of the eateries in Columbia Heights, it was one of the few decent and outright good ones wedged between the awful Panda Express and IHOP. Liked the donuts and the service, and unfortunate that it's gone. Hopefully it resurfaces elsewhere.


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