Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tchoup's Market closing Dec. 23, owner Alex McCoy to give up lease in May (despite saying earlier he was staying)

Well, this came out of nowhere.

The City Paper reports that celebrity chef Alex McCoy is closing Cajun spot Tchoup's Market on Dec. 23, and will be giving up the lease when it expires in 2017. They'll be hosting various private dinners and pop-ups until then.
This is the exact opposite of what McCoy said when Alfie's closed in June, which was frustrating to its fans. At that time, McCoy said they love the neighborhood and are not leaving. Here's a comment on that blog post in response to someone saying McCoy doesn't like Park View:
Quite the opposite, actually. We love this neighborhood. Extended our lease and are staying longer. Our team, both FOH and BOH will be staying with the new concept and i can't tell you how excited we are for what we have planned to replace Alfie's and for what we have planned at Upshur. Alfie's was always planned to be a temporary popup and the choice to move downtown was only made because the facilities at Upshur are not adequate nor will we have the space to build a full kitchen. Our partnership has been active in the community & plans to continue to be. So, if you are looking for someone who loves Parkview and wants to partner with the community to keep the neighborhood thriving, you dont need to look much farther. We are already here and have been here. Looking forward to serving you! Alex from Alfie's
And on Twitter, he said at the time that they're not leaving and love the neighborhood, plus something similar on Facebook. I guess the "not leaving" and "love" parts only extend until May 2017.

What else is strange is that the City Paper says the move is so they can focus on the new location of Alfie's, but they still don't know where it will be. McCoy will instead be popping up Alfie's in New York, London and Bangkok in the future.

Tchoup's has also been the home of the Nok Noi Thai noodle pop-up on Wednesdays and Thursdays. That will presumably also be going away.

The article also doesn't mention the British sandwich place he was supposedly opening on Upshur Street, just that he owns the building. That doesn't seem like a great sign either.

If you like the Tchoup's food or vibe, better check it out soon. Or don't, he doesn't seem to care either way.

UPDATE: On Twitter they told me they're currently working on the British sandwich place on Upshur, so at least a small bright spot.


  1. Hello! We are sad to leave, but some clarity on the situation. We originally signed the lease in order to test out a few concepts, namely Alfie's, for a short term basis as a popup. Our original lease was from Jan-Sept 16'. In August we extended the lease until June 17' to try out Tchoup's and test out a couple of concepts we had been considering for other spaces. We have been negotiating a further extension of the lease as well as proposed improvements to the space, unfortunately in the process it became apparent that staying for a longer period in 3301 would not be in our best interest especially since we have Upshur under construction and are re-opening Alfie's downtown. With winter coming, we decided to end Tchoups tenure at 3301 in order to focus on other projects. From now until June we will be hosting pop-up dinners for both Tchoups & Alfie's as well as host guest chefs from around the region in order to keep the space alive. We have had the immense honor to have been asked to cook at the James Beard House in NYC and to host a pop-up in London & Bangkok which offers a great opportunity for our amazing team. We do, and have loved this neighborhood since we moved in and as i said a few months ago, plan on staying, just a few blocks down. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email me directly @ Thanks!! Alex

  2. I always felt the Park View location was a little isolated. Loved the menu at Alfies, but Id never walk down Georgia Ave later at night to get to that part of town. That being said, we go to upper 14th (Little Cocos, Red Derby, Lymans) and Upshur (Petworth Citizen, Timber Pizza) all the time. It may have been the concept, but it may also have been the location. Not close to metro and Georgia Ave is a little rough. Too much crime lately. Best of luck on Upshur. Tons of us have been patiently waiting! Def recommend having a strong sandwhich carry-out program. Not many quality fast-casual places to get it and go.

  3. Ideas are all over the place and he is obviously not committed to the neighborhood past trying to 'test' concepts with cheap rents to be used elsewhere. What a shame.


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