Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gift ideas from local small businesses for the holidays

The holidays are coming up, and I was thinking about local options for buying gifts from local small businesses in our area. Here's what I've come up with, and let us know in the comments if you have others!

  • Coffee bags from Qualia Coffee or Harrar Roastery, both on Georgia Avenue. Both roast their beans themselves. Room 11 also carries coffee beans and Colony Club also has lots of coffee equipment for sale like French presses, pourovers and aeropresses.
  • Gift cards to local bars and restaurants
  • Odd Provisions, the new cool convenience store, has high quality food and drink as well as gift cards
  • Willow, the funky clothing and gift shop on Upshur Street also has a pop-up on 11th, lots of neat and fun gifts, clothes and more
  • 826DC has the Astounding Magic Supply Store in the Tivoli with fun gifts
  • Books! Upshur Street Books has lots of cool books and other gifts and Walls of Books on Georgia has tons of used books
  • Booze! D'Vines on 14th has a nice selection of alcohol and beer and I always liked the folks at CC's on 14th and Newton and Lion's on Georgia
  • Donate to local charities like the Latin American Youth Center, DC SCORES, Casa RubyMary's Center and others
  • There are some nice vintage stores in the area too, like Mom n Pop on Georgia, and Bentley's and Fia's Fabulous Finds on Upshur -- you could get a gift certificate or find something interesting. Attic DC is also selling gift cards that works at numerous vintage stores.
Any others I missed?

Photo by Andrew Buttita

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