Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Twisted Horn changing name to Hank's Cocktail Bar, tweaking menu options and lowering prices

This is interesting news from Upshur Street: cocktail bar and restaurant Twisted Horn is changing its name to Hank's Cocktail Bar, to reflect that it's part of the Hank's Oyster Bar family, and also lowering prices. According to Petworth News, they wanted to be more of a neighborhood restaurant.

They recently lowered prices and added some new menu items, which will remain, and some of the decor will change, specifically the animal horns will come down. To be honest I didn't even know they had food, so it sounds like this is a pretty good idea. (I've only been once or twice, admittedly.)

Here's more from their press release:
Hank’s Cocktail Bar will continue to offer the same seasonally focused, high-quality food and drink menu, the same affordable prices, and the same great neighborhood vibe that guests have come to know and love at The Twisted Horn as well as JL Restaurant Group’s sister venues, Hank’s Oyster Bar & Hank’s Pasta Bar.
Anyone here a fan, or not a fan?

Hank's Cocktail Bar is at 819 Upshur Street NW.


  1. I like this place and their food is pretty good! Happy to see drink prices coming down, will miss the horns though.

  2. The prices never bothered me nor do I care if they were lowered, however, they definitely needed more/better food choices. The beer garden is hidden gem!


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