Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Don't forget to vote today! Our recommendations for who to vote for, and lots of events and deals around the neighborhood

Today is the last day to vote in DC! A lot of local establishments are doing things for it, either deals or just hosting a watch party.

In addition, here's my bigger post on who I recommend voting for. In short:

And on to the deals and events:

The Red Derby is doing a party with a big map, election games and specials.

Looking Glass, which recently dropped Yuengling after their founder's support of Donald Trump, is hosting a watch party and a new combo, the HRC: a Highlight and a shot of Old Overholt.

DC Reynolds has their normal Taco Tuesday.

The new Midlands beer garden at 3333 Georgia is doing an all night happy hour: one free Miller Lite plus $6 and $8 shot and beer combos starting at 5.

Morgan's Seafood is offering half off ice cream for folks with an I Voted sticker, plus free veggies.

Any other deals out there? Let us know in the comments!

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