Sunday, November 27, 2016

BBQ restaurant, Jenkins Capital BBQ, coming to old Ruby Tuesday space

We now know what's coming to the old Ruby Tuesday space at 14th and Monroe, and my guess of Red Lobster was wrong (sorry, lobster and cheesy biscuit fans.) The tenant is something called Jenkins Capital BBQ according to a now hiring sign posted in the window that a reader sent me. (It actually spells it "Captial" but I assume it should be "Capital".)

I can't find anything about this place online -- there is a Jenkins Quality BBQ in Jacksonville, Florida and another called Tom Jenkins BBQ in Fort Lauderdale, but I can't confirm if they're related to this restaurant. The website listed on the flyer,, doesn't work, nor does the email address listed or another I found online.

Oddly none of the domain name registration services I looked at have that site listed -- so it seems that nobody actually owns that website. One actually offers it for sale, even.

So, we shall see what happens. You'd think a business trying to hire staff would have their email working, but maybe this is a brand new business.

Ruby Tuesday, if you recall, closed in late 2014, and the space has been empty since. I hope this place is successful, and tasty.


  1. Looks like they registered the domain yesterday. Not sure this link will work, but it doesn't tell you much anyway. Sure doesn't sound like a nationwide chain, which is surprising. I hope they're successful.

  2. Thanks, that's interesting! Kirkland, WA -- weird!

  3. I emailed both Jenkins BBQ outfits, the one in Ft. Lauderdale and the one with three locations in Jacksonville. Both replied that neither are opening in DC. I think this might be a ruse.

  4. interesting spelling of capital


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