Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Anti-Trump organizing meeting happening today at St. Stephen's Church, 16th and Newton

If you were opposed to Donald Trump and want to do something in the neighborhood, here's an option: a local social justice group called The Movement is organizing a planning session at St. Stephen's and the Incarnate Word Church:
Let's take a few days to grieve and reflect.
And then let's meet on Wednesday to brainstorm what we, activists and organizers, can do in the next months and years to not just resist fascism, but to continue making our country a more progressive, just, democratic place.
The meeting is from 7-9 pm at 1525 Newton and here's the Facebook invite. 846 people are interested  already!

The church is a frequent meeting place for progressive groups and others, so I don't expect this to be a religious event.  

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  1. Yes, unity is important... It is also important to know the truth... The majority of illegal immigrants are good, hard-working people.


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