Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Know your ANC candidates: ANC1B01

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming elections, including the important Advisory Neighborhood Commission, which advises the DC Council on local planning issues and de facto controls alcohol licenses, among other things. Only a few of the races have multiple candidates, and I wrote to those folks. Here's the first installment for ANC 1B01, which is roughly from V Street to Florida, 8th to 2nd (see map above).

Up next we'll have answers from candidates in ANC1A01 (near 14th and Spring), 1A07 (south of Spring from Otis to New Hampshire), and 1A10 (east of Georgia roughly between Kenyon and Irving.) The other races are unopposed. Here's the full list.

The two candidates in 1B01 are Jonathan Goldman and Anita Norman, who are going for an open seat -- incumbent Brian Footer is not running again.

Jonathan Goldman:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your qualifications
Aside from going to school, I grew up and lived in and around Washington, DC my entire life. In my work and private life, I am driven to work toward improving the well-being of others. I have three undergraduate degrees and a master's degree from GW. I now work at the Inter-American Development Bank and have spent my whole career working with and within international government, federal government, and local DC government agencies. I have experience working effectively with government to produce strong relationships and achieve goals.

Why are you running for ANC? What are your main platform issues?
I am running because I believe I can be an effective leader for our community and develop strong pathways to successful initiatives. I believe the primary function of a good ANC commissioner is to serve as a liaison between the community and the government - rather than aiming to achieve personal goals. With this in mind, I have heard two major concerns from the community: tempering development and ensuring it is done in a sustainable and equitable manner, as well as strengthening our park that serves as a crossroads within our diverse community as a means of promoting equitable representation and safety.

One of the ANC's main jobs is to regulate liquor licenses. What are your thoughts on these issues?
I am neither for or against liquor licensing in the neighborhood. Laws are already in place to regulate this and it would be my job to ensure these laws are upheld. Further, ensuring that all businesses with a liquor license are acting as good neighbors is critical and enforcing the conditions of their license is a priority.


Anita Norman:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your qualifications
I am a native Washingtonian and have lived in the LeDroit Park community for over 20 years. In that time, I have seen the neighborhood transform. And, I would like to think that I had something to do with that. I am a graduate of Howard University. I worked as a clinical nurse at Howard University Hospital and as a a school nurse at the former Gage- Eckington Elementary School. I have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and mentored in a program called Best Friends within the DC Public School system which serves to promote self-respect and character building for young girls in grades 5th-12th. And, I am active in my sorority Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Incorporated, whose motto is Service for Humanity. In my sorority, I serve on the Membership and the Nominating Committee. In addition, I have served as the LeDroit Park Public Safety Chair where I worked with MDP to help reduce crime in LeDroit Park, Vice President and current President. And as ANC Co-Chair for Public Safety, I coordinated a multi-government agency summit with MPD's citywide Safety Trainer, Metro Transit, the Fire Dept and other agencies to deal with the community's concern about the increase in citywide crime. During my tenure in the aforementioned positions, I was the conduit between the community and local government to voice concerns and to resolve issues of residents which has given me the qualifications and experience to become ANC 1B01

Why are you running for ANC? What are your main platform issues?
I am a candidate for ANC so that I can continue to be a voice for my community as well as the surrounding neighborhoods that I will represent. Becoming the ANC would give great weight, in accordance with the enabling statute, to issues and to resolutions that I would bring forth to D.C government Officials. My platform will focus on Public Safety, including traffic and pedestrian safety, Parking Enforcement, Sanitation, to include trash and recycling pick up with a focus on illegal dumping and the Community Park, which includes green space and a clean, save environment for kids to play; but, I will also focus on opportunities for greater economic development and improvement. LeDroit Park and North Shaw are very diverse neighborhoods. I want to see my neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods continue to thrive and to grow, yet maintaining its aesthetics, character and charm of the community. I am vested in this community and the N.W. area. I want to see all the residents, old and new, modest and middle income, benefit from the economic grow of the Northwest/ U St. corridor. I want this area to maintain affordable home ownership as well as rental prices. With my former experience in leadership roles within the community, I can continue to work with local law enforcement to continue to affect crime in a positive way, Crime has come down in the years that I was the Public Safety Chair in LeDroit Park. I will continue to work with DDOT to address resident's traffic concerns and to make the neighborhood streets safer for pedestrian traffic and to work on a permanent solution to relieve the traffic bottleneck along Florida Ave. One way would be to have better bike share lanes that extend within the neighborhood and better access to mass transit. Also, I would continue to work with DPW to enforce the parking restrictions. As more people move into our neighborhoods, we must seek to accommodate their transportation needs. One way to accomplish this is by encouraging walking, biking and taking mass transit. I will continue to work with current ANC leadership to keep our neighborhoods clean, such as organizing neighborhood clean ups, to attract businesses as well as customers to shop and to dine in nice clean attractive areas. I would also work with DPR and DGS to make the parks clean and green, inviting and in good repair for families to visit and to play.

One of the ANC's main jobs is to regulate liquor licenses. What are your thoughts on these issues?

With the growth and development in the local economy over the past 10 years, the District has seen a significant increase in the number of new restaurants, hotels and bars. The alcohol license associated with the new (and existing) venues should be properly regulated and licensed, with follow up, education and monitoring to ensure compliance with District laws and regulations. The ANCs have a vital role in ensuring this regulation. I will work to ensure that there is a healthy balance between the vibrant nightlife economy that is contributing to the District's economic growth and the resident's who can expect to enjoy peace and quiet and a safe neighborhood.

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