Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Know your ANC candidates: ANC1A07

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming elections, including the important Advisory Neighborhood Commission, which advises the DC Council on local planning issues and de facto controls alcohol licenses, among other things. Only a few of the races have multiple candidates, and I wrote to those folks. Here's the second installment for ANC 1A07, which is the south side of Spring Road from Otis to New Hampshire (see map above).

Up next we'll have answers from candidates in ANC1A01 (near 14th and Spring) and 1A10 (east of Georgia roughly between Kenyon and Irving.) We heard from 1B01 earlier in the day. The other races are unopposed. Here's the full list.

For more information on the elections, check out the city's Board of Elections site.

The two candidates in 1B01 are Darwain Frost and Sharon Farmer. Frost is the incumbent and Farmer did not respond to multiple emails. Here's Frost's responses, he answered all three questions together, apparently:

Darwain Frost
As a Commissioner, I have worked consistently with city agencies, city officials, and residents to help improve infrastructure and issues within the neighborhood. I was able to get city agencies to repair potholes within the streets, traffic signals, removed various tree branches and debris, make alley light repairs within the alleys, and repair an alley. The DC Department of Public Works were able to come to the neighborhood to remove vacant furniture’s from city streets upon request made by me on behalf of the residents. Neighbors who needed to engage with city agencies or city officials, in regards, to quality of life issues, I was able to connect residents with those city agencies and city officials to address quality of life issues within the neighborhood. During ANC meetings, I informed residents about various BZA and Zoning Commission cases. As chairman of the Planning and Zoning Committee, I inform the public about zoning actions, in regards, to changes within the zoning code. I gathered community input for contested BZA and Zoning Commission cases at committee meetings. I conducted regular community meetings on a consistent bases and it was attended well by residents. My best accomplishments have been meeting regularly with residents to resolve issues and concerns, and I would like to continue to be an advocate for residents of 1A07. A settlement agreement (formerly known as a voluntary agreement) is a contract between an ABC licensee and most likely a protestant to a license. As a Commissioner, I will continue to work with residents and ABC licensee to established settlement agreements when necessary.

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