Thursday, October 13, 2016

Japanese restaurant Himitsu coming to Crane & Turtle/Cappy's Crabs space on Upshur

Whoa, big news! The space formerly occupied by Crane and Turtle and Cappy's Crabs will be replaced by Himitsu, a "New Japanese" concept from Kevin Tien, who previously held pop-ups called Poke Pop, a Hawaiian poke bowl concept -- cubed raw fish with other fixings. Tien also formerly was a chef at Momofuku and Oyamel, so that's a really good sign.

Himitsu is more of a fusion restaurant with Japanese hot dishes with other touches -- Latin American, Southeast Asian, Korean and more -- things like Katsu pork belly, fried marinated chicken, and more. They'll also have cocktails and drinks from Carlie Steiner, who also run Stir DC, a mixology businesses. They'll have Japanese whiskey and sake as well. Sounds interesting.
Did you join us for Poke Pop earlier this year? Did you love it? The chef and brains behind Poke Pop, Kevin Tien, is opening a "New Japanese" restaurant in Petworth in the next few weeks called Himitsu! 
Himitsu will take sushi and traditional Japanese hot dishes and turn them on their heads - adding Latin, Southeast Asian and Korean flare. It's the familiar, unfamiliarized. In addition to an a la carte menu, you will be able to order an omakase-style experience in which Chef Kevin and his awesome business partner and Beverage Manager, Carlie Steiner, will concoct a multi-course meal tailored to your food and drink preferences, a truly unique and memorable experience (sneak peek at a sample menu below).
They're also looking for investors through a site called EquityEats -- kind of a Kickstarter for restaurants, but you own part of the restaurant. If you invest various amounts of money you get an ownership stake as well as other benefits.

The opening date is not clear but they're aiming at sometime this month according to the City Paper.

Here's the sample menu:

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