Tuesday, October 18, 2016

HalfSmoke sausage restaurant now open at Georgia and Florida

HalfSmoke, the fast casual sausage restaurant with a full bar, is now open at Florida and Georgia. The space, formerly a bunch of things, is on the southeast corner and they have various kinds of sausages that you can get on a bun, rice bowl, salad or a flatbread (think Chipotle or Cava) as well as other kinds of salads, milkshakes and funnel cakes, plus cocktails and a full bar.

They're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it sounds pretty delicious to me -- check out the menu.

I wrote about the spot earlier, it was started by Andre McCain, a local entrepreneur, with backing of Bob Kinkead of Kinkead's and other restaurants in town. McCain was able to convince Kinkead and other investors that his was a good idea, rather than a chain place for the location. The Post has more about McCain, who started out selling shoes and party photos to his fellow students in high school and college and later did a lot of data crunching and worked in various fast food and fast casual restaurants to get a sense of the best way to run one.

I've passed by it a few times and it's a really nice space -- modern with a big wood grill, fire places, lots of brick and tile and really nice bar. I like the idea of being open for all the meals -- a quick breakfast or lunch or a beer and a dinner -- sort of like Burger Tap and Shake, if that rings a bell. It has 100 seats plus an outdoor area, so it's a good sized place.

Here's a rendering of part of the interior.

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