Monday, October 31, 2016

Best warm and cozy bars in our area for cold nights

It's getting chilly out there, so I decided to write up my favorite cozy, warm bars to go to on cold days and nights. Let me know in the comments if you have other favorites.

Room 11: the original cozy bar in our area, they have tasty cocktails and hot (alcoholic) drinks like glögg, good food and blankets if you do want to brave the outside. The main room is cozier but the expansion area is good for getting warm too. At 11th and Lamont.

Union Drinkery: a new spot on the block, Union Drinkery has the same vibe as their sister bar, A&D in Shaw: dark walls, candles, small room with a bar and a couple of tables. They have delicious cocktails too and friendly bartenders. You can also order food from adjoining Small Fry like poutine and BBQ. At 3216 Georgia.

Red Derby: with both the red downstairs bar and the upstairs, enclosed roof area. The downstairs is cozier for sure but the upstairs has lots of heaters, so if you kind of want to be outside but also not be cold, it's a good spot. They also have a cocktail of the day each weekday. At 14th and Quincy.

Wonderland: homey and laid back with lots of tables in little nooks, Wonderland's inside can be a good spot to get warm during the week, or find a place to hang your coat and get super sweaty dancing on the weekend. At 11th and Kenyon.

Looking Glass: LGL has two cozy areas, the main bar with dark wood, stained glass and lamps and the downstairs bar with a few tables and seats at the bar. The bartenders are friendly and they have good bar food. At 3634 Georgia.

Petworth Citizen and Reading Room: Petworth Citizen could be considered cozy, but the Reading Room area in the back definitely is -- a small bar, lots of books and general homey darkness. They have neat literary events too. At 829 Upshur.

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  1. Don't forget Twisted Horn on Upshur! It's a cozy little space with fantastic craft cocktails and seasonal offerings!


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