Monday, October 31, 2016

Best warm and cozy bars in our area for cold nights

It's getting chilly out there, so I decided to write up my favorite cozy, warm bars to go to on cold days and nights. Let me know in the comments if you have other favorites.

Room 11: the original cozy bar in our area, they have tasty cocktails and hot (alcoholic) drinks like glögg, good food and blankets if you do want to brave the outside. The main room is cozier but the expansion area is good for getting warm too. At 11th and Lamont.

Union Drinkery: a new spot on the block, Union Drinkery has the same vibe as their sister bar, A&D in Shaw: dark walls, candles, small room with a bar and a couple of tables. They have delicious cocktails too and friendly bartenders. You can also order food from adjoining Small Fry like poutine and BBQ. At 3216 Georgia.

Red Derby: with both the red downstairs bar and the upstairs, enclosed roof area. The downstairs is cozier for sure but the upstairs has lots of heaters, so if you kind of want to be outside but also not be cold, it's a good spot. They also have a cocktail of the day each weekday. At 14th and Quincy.

Wonderland: homey and laid back with lots of tables in little nooks, Wonderland's inside can be a good spot to get warm during the week, or find a place to hang your coat and get super sweaty dancing on the weekend. At 11th and Kenyon.

Looking Glass: LGL has two cozy areas, the main bar with dark wood, stained glass and lamps and the downstairs bar with a few tables and seats at the bar. The bartenders are friendly and they have good bar food. At 3634 Georgia.

Petworth Citizen and Reading Room: Petworth Citizen could be considered cozy, but the Reading Room area in the back definitely is -- a small bar, lots of books and general homey darkness. They have neat literary events too. At 829 Upshur.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Endorsement: vote Mary Lord for State Board of Education, not her Trump-supporting Koch-aligned foe

I hadn't been paying a lot of attention to the State Board of Education election until a friend clued me into some info about the candidates: incumbent Mary Lord and her main foe Ashley Carter, as well as college student Tony Donaldson. And I recommend you vote for Mary Lord.

Lord has been on the Board since it started in 2007 and also serves as the president of the National Association of the State Boards of Education. Carter has lots of signs all over the area, and is described in the Post's endorsement of Lord as a director of a "national nonprofit for women and families."

That organization is the Independent Women's Forum, which is actually a conservative group and the beneficiary of a lot of money from ultra-conservative and Tea Party-aligned groups. Carter recently spoke at a "Women for Trump" event and Kellyanne Conway, current campaign manager for Donald Trump, is on the IWF's board. (Conway is taking a leave of absence from the IWF during the campaign.)

The Nation described the IWF as "anti-feminist" and "doing the Koch brothers' dirty work" and says they grew out of a "Women for Clarence Thomas" group. The group has previously opposed the Violence Against Women Act, food stamps, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Title IX and feminism in general and advocated for lowering corporate tax rates, for fracking and against gun control.

The group is heavily funded by Donors Trust, a nonprofit that masks large donations by individuals to conservative groups and previously funded attacks on unions and climate change scientists and supported climate change deniers and many other ultra-conservative issues. Mother Jones called Donors Trust a conservative "dark money ATM."

Carter's campaign Facebook page and campaign site mention nothing about the organization or any of these issues, only posting generalities.

I think Carter may be pulling a fast one on us, trying to get elected without mentioning her extreme conservative leanings -- mentioning only broad things that everybody supports and not the issues that her group supports or any of her current work. According to this blog and the city's Office of Campaign Finance, more than half of Carter's donors are from outside DC, as well. That seems fishy to me -- why would so many people care about a school board race in another city (state, even) unless it was to promote a certain ideology? In this case, a very conservative, Tea Party-ish one.

It's safe to say unless you are a very conservative person and support Donald Trump, Carter is not the candidate for you.

Lord, however, is experienced and has been endorsed by the Post, the Gertrude Stein Club, the Current newspapers, six Councilmembers and the Washington Teachers' Union.

Vote Mary Lord.

Halloween carnival, doggie costume contest and trick or treating for kids on 11th Street on Monday

Halloween is almost upon us, and there's a cool event happening on 11th Street on Monday, organized by the Columbia Heights Initiative: a Halloween Carnival with fun and games, consume contests for kids and dogs (separately) and trick or treating at the businesses along the street. Sounds like a fun way to celebrate the holiday!
In a spooky partnership with the North Columbia Heights Civic Association, 11th & Bark, and the 11th Street DC, we’ll be hosting a Trick-or-Treat Halloween event for neighborhood children. Join NCHCA and Trolley Park Friends group at 4:00pm at Trolley Park on the corner of 11th Street and Monroe Street. Where they will have games and treats. At 5:30pm the kid’s costume contest will begin. 
Following the costume contest, 11th & Bark will be hosting the doggie costume contest at the 11th St. Dog Park located at the corner of 11th Street and Park Road around 6pm. Trick or Treating will also begin at this time. Families can take their little ghouls and goblins to participating 11th Street businesses to safely trick-or-treat.
Event Schedule 
Halloween Carnival: 4:00pm – 8:00pm
Costume Contest: 5:30pm – 6:00pm
Dog Costume Contest: 6:00pm
Trick or Treating: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
They're also looking for volunteers for the event.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Know your ANC candidates: ANC 1A10

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming elections, including the important Advisory Neighborhood Commission, which advises the DC Council on local planning issues and de facto controls alcohol licenses, among other things. Only a few of the races have multiple candidates, and I wrote to those folks. Here's the ANC 1A10, which is east of Sherman from Hobart north to Kenyon and Keefer (see map above.)

Previously we've heard from candidates from ANC1B01, 1A01 and 1A07. The other races are unopposed. Here's the full list of candidates and races.

For more information on the elections, check out the city's Board of Elections site.

The two candidates in 1A10 are Rashida Brown, the incumbent, and Amanda Frost.

Rashida Brown

Tell us a bit about yourself and your qualifications.
I am a social worker and longtime advocate for children and families, especially those who have been touched by health and human services programs. I decided to run for ANC because I am committed to making positive change and improving the overall conditions of our community. I have lived in the District since 2000. I came here to attend Howard University’sSchool of Social Work where I majored in direct services and community organizing. These skills have afforded me the ability to help constituents navigate government services to address critical issues involving sanitation, rat abatement, vacant properties, business development, transportation, police-community relations, etc.

Why are you running for ANC? What are your main platform issues?
I am running for ANC because I strongly believe in my community and the people who live in it. We are diverse, strong and resilient. While going door to door to speak with my residents, they have expressed to me that they care mostly about issues related to crime, traffic and conditions along Georgia Avenue. While serving as an ANC, I have taken these concerns very seriously and have made the following accomplishments in my first term:
* improved police-community relations by spearheading public safety events and voicing the concerns of residents
* led efforts to repair roads, repave sidewalks, build new brick alleys and advocate for traffic calming measures
* worked with commercial property owners to fill vacant properties, install security cameras and remove graffiti along Georgia Avenue
* organized neighborhood clean ups and keep residents abreast of issues that affect the community

One of the ANC's main jobs is to regulate liquor licenses. What are your thoughts on these issues?
During this time, many establishments that have liquor licenses are up for renewal. ANCs who have commercial properties within their single member district have a responsibility to work with business owners and take into account concerns related to mostly noise and public drunkenness. I believe that ANCs can find a balance by working with both business owners and the community to find common ground. We want businesses to thrive and we want residents to have peace. When we work together, we can achieve meaningful strides for us to dwell in a safe, thriving community. 


Amanda Frost

Tell us a bit about yourself and your qualifications
My name is Amanda Frost and I am a resident of Park View. My husband and I have owned our house on Irving st for the last year, and my family has been in the Columbia Heights neighborhood for well over a decade. I am an involved member of my community and care about my neighbors. I hold an advanced degree in Political Science, and am now a health care researcher at a small non-profit. Although this is my first time running for elective office, I have experience dealing with all levels of city government.

Why are you running for ANC? What are your main platform issues?
I care passionately about my community and my neighbors. The ANC is both directly elected and the closest representative to the individual members of the community, giving it an important and unique role. I am running for ANC because I want to provide better representation and a voice for my neighbors. I want to engage with my neighbors on important topics and represent their views to the larger ANC and to the city. I have a new set of ideas and a commitment to following through on them.

Public safety: The number one issue is public safety, encompassing a range of topics including crime, policing, mental health, mental health, and substance use.There is no easy solution to solving all of these problems quickly, but it can be done with hard work and cooperation by the ANC, City Council, DC government, police, and the many non-profit and neighborhood groups. In the short term, our ANC - led in each neighborhood by its commissioner - should work to increase public engagement and public confidence. We need more community events and neighbor interactions, not just at the large neighborhood level but at the block level. A community where neighbors know each other, care about each other, and help each other is a safer neighborhood

Development: I believe all of our neighbors deserve to live in safe and secure housing built and maintained using best practices. Affordable housing is an increasingly important topic in our district, and all of DC. Affordable housing can and should be emphasized with the continued redevelopment of Georgia Avenue. We must continue to have balanced growth in our neighborhood that prioritizes sustainability, while maximizing and maintaining public space.

Neighborhood livability: Again this is a range of inter-related and important topics: rodent control, trash removal, park maintenance and improvement, and street parking (including the city's proposal to limit street parking on Irving and Kenyon).

Better representation: The most important things that a commissioner can do is keep their neighbors informed and well represented. I want my neighbors to know that they can come to me when they have questions or concerns and know that they will be heard. As commissioner, I would respond to every email, letter, Facebook post, and phone call in a timely manner. I would host regular events (outside of ANC meetings) to inform my neighbors about the important issues and address their concerns. I would solicit regular feedback from my constituents so that I know how best to represent their views.

For more information, please visit my website:
Or send me an email at:

One of the ANC's main jobs is to regulate liquor licenses. What are your thoughts on these issues?
I am not always for or always against liquor licenses. It is important that local businesses are allowed to operate, but at the same time each liquor license application should be scrutinized. Neighborhoods need a mix of businesses, both big and small, and markets and restaurants/bars; appropriate oversight of liquor licenses can help neighborhoods ensure a good mix of businesses and balanced growth. The liquor license process can also be an important way the people affected by the license-holder can communicate issues and concerns. The ANC can help business and neighbors address these through Settlement Agreements (Voluntary Agreements).

Know your ANC candidates: ANC1A01

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming elections, including the important Advisory Neighborhood Commission, which advises the DC Council on local planning issues and de facto controls alcohol licenses, among other things. Only a few of the races have multiple candidates, and I wrote to those folks. Here's the ANC 1A01, which is south of Spring Road from 16th to 14th, north of Ogden (see map above.)

Up next we'll have answers from candidates in 1A10 (east of Georgia roughly between Kenyon and Irving.) Here's the interviews for ANC1B01 and 1A07. The other races are unopposed. Here's the full list.

For more information on the elections, check out the city's Board of Elections site.

The two candidates in 1A01 are Valerie Baron and Ernest Johnson, who are going for an open seat -- incumbent Marvin L. Johnson is not running again.

Valerie Baron:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your qualifications
The first neighbor I met when I moved to my neighborhood, a longtime resident, greeted me by saying "you are welcome here." And ever since that time, I have felt at home. She has become like family and her warmth and kindness exemplified what I love about our diverse neighborhood, where with the right leadership, longtime and newer residents can thrive side-by-side and share a future. In the years since, I have seen a need for someone to be a strong advocate for this neighborhood that has given me so much.

I am a public interest attorney by profession, so I spend my days advocating for people who and perspectives that otherwise would not have a voice in our legal system. In my free time you might find me baking at home or on a long walk with my husband and our dog.

We need someone with the skills and experience to step up and communicate actively with neighbors, advocate for the policies and services that we need, and represent the interests of all the residents and businesses in SMD 1A01. I have the skills and experience to be that Commissioner:
  • Communicate. I am a natural communicator; I care about my neighbors’ concerns, and want to hear what you have to say. I also speak Spanish, which is important for maximizing my ability to communicate with residents of SMD 1A01. I will participate actively in email discourse and make sure to visit residents who do not use email. I will use every tool at my disposal to make sure that our needs are being heard by the District.
  • Advocate. As a public interest attorney, I have extensive experience advocating for causes I believe in. In the context of the ANC, a top-notch advocate can identify the most pressing needs, form strong relationships with relevant District officials, and cut through red tape. And as an attorney and environmental policy professional, I have the skills and experience necessary to form and digest complex proposals. I have the tenacity to see things through, even when the going gets tough.
  • Represent Everyone. We need a Commissioner for all of SMD 1A01. Fairness, inclusion, and affordability are top priorities for me, and I will bring these values to my term on the ANC. As a public interest attorney I am committed to always using my position to represent all. We need a Commissioner focused on creating a thriving community for everyone.
You can read more about my campaign at
Why are you running for ANC? What are your main platform issues?
I am running because I see a serious need for someone to step up and become the active, communicative, advocate we need to secure critical District services, and ensure that 1A01 is a place where everyone can thrive. We need a Commissioner who will Communicate, Advocate, and Represent Everyone in 1A01. I pledge to be that Commissioner.

In my SMD (1A01) we are concerned about securing District services and important quality of life issues: public safety, garbage on our streets, and general feelings of wellbeing and connectedness in our community. There is also a prevailing sense that we are too often overlooked by those in charge. Sometimes the fact that my SMD is on the border of the Ward and police district (as well as located in the corner of the ANC) can make this worse. I have observed that a few weeks of shoddy or absent garbage collection service does more than let the trash (and rodents) accumulate, it starts to tug at the fabric of our community. At the same time, some positive attention and responsiveness from the District can buoy and inspire us. Our relationship with the District matters and it affects our relationships with one another. Having a strong advocate who is good at building relationships can make a world of difference, and that is a primary reason I am running to represent the SMD 1A01
One of the ANC's main jobs is to regulate liquor licenses. What are your thoughts on these issues?

I see the main job of the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners as being the voice of the neighborhood and ensuring that the District is working for and with neighbors and businesses. I see the Commission’s role in advising on liquor licenses as no different from this. A good Commissioner looks out for responsible businesses in her SMD. She also has the judgement to know when the liquor license process presents an opportunity to have a conversation between the business and neighbors and work through any challenges, and the negotiation skill to make this happen. I believe that I have the judgment and skill to work through the liquor license process in a way that involves clear communication with neighbors and businesses, advocates for the best policies, and represents the needs of all of SMD 1A01.
Ernest Johnson:
(Note: Ernest's response was a campaign mailer. I have tried to fit it into the questions.)
Tell us a bit about yourself and your qualifications
Ernest E. Johnson is a native Washingtonian and is your candidate for ANC Commissioner in Single Member District 1A01. He is a 25 year real estate professional that attended DC public schools Banneker and Cardozo. He spent six years at American University majoring in Business and the Administration of Justice. For more than 8-years he produced and hosted public affairs program on WAMU FM, now known as the “Politics Hour”.
Ernest has served on the board of directors for the Columbia Heights Development Corporation that brought DC USA to the 14th street corridor. He serves on the District of Columbia Apprenticeship Council, 3rd District Citizens Advisory Council and Chairs the ParkWood Back 2 School Committee.

Why are you running for ANC? What are your main platform issues?
My grandmother had a third grade education. She had a saying: “People don’t care how
much you know, until they know how much you care”. When violent crime increased in 1A01,
Ernest recruited some neighbors and adopted Raymond and Harriet Tubman Elementary Schools.
We host an annual block party that give kids back packs and school supplies. At this event we feed
the homeless and give senior residents gift bags. Entering our 4th year of operations, having gave
away over 1,000 back packs. When ParkWood Place, Center Street and Ogden Street needed asphalt repaving with pedestrian cross walks, Ernest contacted the Department of Transportation and Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A01 and got the job done. As your ANC 1A Commissioner, Ernest will have a larger platform and more resources to complete the work he is already doing. Ernest will listen and learn from all residents and voice your concerns to the appropriate sources. Working together we can improve the quality of life for senior residents, children, homeowners and renters.


◆ Ernest is working with the District of Columbia Public Service Commission to ensure all senior homeowners have their property weatherized for the winter season.

◆ Ernest will request city funding to hire neighborhood youth to pick up trash and cut the grass in 1A01. Some residents have already pledged donations to start this fund.

One of the ANC's main jobs is to regulate liquor licenses. What are your thoughts on these issues?
(No answer provided on campaign mailer or via email)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Know your ANC candidates: ANC1A07

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming elections, including the important Advisory Neighborhood Commission, which advises the DC Council on local planning issues and de facto controls alcohol licenses, among other things. Only a few of the races have multiple candidates, and I wrote to those folks. Here's the second installment for ANC 1A07, which is the south side of Spring Road from Otis to New Hampshire (see map above).

Up next we'll have answers from candidates in ANC1A01 (near 14th and Spring) and 1A10 (east of Georgia roughly between Kenyon and Irving.) We heard from 1B01 earlier in the day. The other races are unopposed. Here's the full list.

For more information on the elections, check out the city's Board of Elections site.

The two candidates in 1B01 are Darwain Frost and Sharon Farmer. Frost is the incumbent and Farmer did not respond to multiple emails. Here's Frost's responses, he answered all three questions together, apparently:

Darwain Frost
As a Commissioner, I have worked consistently with city agencies, city officials, and residents to help improve infrastructure and issues within the neighborhood. I was able to get city agencies to repair potholes within the streets, traffic signals, removed various tree branches and debris, make alley light repairs within the alleys, and repair an alley. The DC Department of Public Works were able to come to the neighborhood to remove vacant furniture’s from city streets upon request made by me on behalf of the residents. Neighbors who needed to engage with city agencies or city officials, in regards, to quality of life issues, I was able to connect residents with those city agencies and city officials to address quality of life issues within the neighborhood. During ANC meetings, I informed residents about various BZA and Zoning Commission cases. As chairman of the Planning and Zoning Committee, I inform the public about zoning actions, in regards, to changes within the zoning code. I gathered community input for contested BZA and Zoning Commission cases at committee meetings. I conducted regular community meetings on a consistent bases and it was attended well by residents. My best accomplishments have been meeting regularly with residents to resolve issues and concerns, and I would like to continue to be an advocate for residents of 1A07. A settlement agreement (formerly known as a voluntary agreement) is a contract between an ABC licensee and most likely a protestant to a license. As a Commissioner, I will continue to work with residents and ABC licensee to established settlement agreements when necessary.

Know your ANC candidates: ANC1B01

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming elections, including the important Advisory Neighborhood Commission, which advises the DC Council on local planning issues and de facto controls alcohol licenses, among other things. Only a few of the races have multiple candidates, and I wrote to those folks. Here's the first installment for ANC 1B01, which is roughly from V Street to Florida, 8th to 2nd (see map above).

Up next we'll have answers from candidates in ANC1A01 (near 14th and Spring), 1A07 (south of Spring from Otis to New Hampshire), and 1A10 (east of Georgia roughly between Kenyon and Irving.) The other races are unopposed. Here's the full list.

The two candidates in 1B01 are Jonathan Goldman and Anita Norman, who are going for an open seat -- incumbent Brian Footer is not running again.

Jonathan Goldman:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your qualifications
Aside from going to school, I grew up and lived in and around Washington, DC my entire life. In my work and private life, I am driven to work toward improving the well-being of others. I have three undergraduate degrees and a master's degree from GW. I now work at the Inter-American Development Bank and have spent my whole career working with and within international government, federal government, and local DC government agencies. I have experience working effectively with government to produce strong relationships and achieve goals.

Why are you running for ANC? What are your main platform issues?
I am running because I believe I can be an effective leader for our community and develop strong pathways to successful initiatives. I believe the primary function of a good ANC commissioner is to serve as a liaison between the community and the government - rather than aiming to achieve personal goals. With this in mind, I have heard two major concerns from the community: tempering development and ensuring it is done in a sustainable and equitable manner, as well as strengthening our park that serves as a crossroads within our diverse community as a means of promoting equitable representation and safety.

One of the ANC's main jobs is to regulate liquor licenses. What are your thoughts on these issues?
I am neither for or against liquor licensing in the neighborhood. Laws are already in place to regulate this and it would be my job to ensure these laws are upheld. Further, ensuring that all businesses with a liquor license are acting as good neighbors is critical and enforcing the conditions of their license is a priority.


Anita Norman:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your qualifications
I am a native Washingtonian and have lived in the LeDroit Park community for over 20 years. In that time, I have seen the neighborhood transform. And, I would like to think that I had something to do with that. I am a graduate of Howard University. I worked as a clinical nurse at Howard University Hospital and as a a school nurse at the former Gage- Eckington Elementary School. I have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and mentored in a program called Best Friends within the DC Public School system which serves to promote self-respect and character building for young girls in grades 5th-12th. And, I am active in my sorority Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Incorporated, whose motto is Service for Humanity. In my sorority, I serve on the Membership and the Nominating Committee. In addition, I have served as the LeDroit Park Public Safety Chair where I worked with MDP to help reduce crime in LeDroit Park, Vice President and current President. And as ANC Co-Chair for Public Safety, I coordinated a multi-government agency summit with MPD's citywide Safety Trainer, Metro Transit, the Fire Dept and other agencies to deal with the community's concern about the increase in citywide crime. During my tenure in the aforementioned positions, I was the conduit between the community and local government to voice concerns and to resolve issues of residents which has given me the qualifications and experience to become ANC 1B01

Why are you running for ANC? What are your main platform issues?
I am a candidate for ANC so that I can continue to be a voice for my community as well as the surrounding neighborhoods that I will represent. Becoming the ANC would give great weight, in accordance with the enabling statute, to issues and to resolutions that I would bring forth to D.C government Officials. My platform will focus on Public Safety, including traffic and pedestrian safety, Parking Enforcement, Sanitation, to include trash and recycling pick up with a focus on illegal dumping and the Community Park, which includes green space and a clean, save environment for kids to play; but, I will also focus on opportunities for greater economic development and improvement. LeDroit Park and North Shaw are very diverse neighborhoods. I want to see my neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods continue to thrive and to grow, yet maintaining its aesthetics, character and charm of the community. I am vested in this community and the N.W. area. I want to see all the residents, old and new, modest and middle income, benefit from the economic grow of the Northwest/ U St. corridor. I want this area to maintain affordable home ownership as well as rental prices. With my former experience in leadership roles within the community, I can continue to work with local law enforcement to continue to affect crime in a positive way, Crime has come down in the years that I was the Public Safety Chair in LeDroit Park. I will continue to work with DDOT to address resident's traffic concerns and to make the neighborhood streets safer for pedestrian traffic and to work on a permanent solution to relieve the traffic bottleneck along Florida Ave. One way would be to have better bike share lanes that extend within the neighborhood and better access to mass transit. Also, I would continue to work with DPW to enforce the parking restrictions. As more people move into our neighborhoods, we must seek to accommodate their transportation needs. One way to accomplish this is by encouraging walking, biking and taking mass transit. I will continue to work with current ANC leadership to keep our neighborhoods clean, such as organizing neighborhood clean ups, to attract businesses as well as customers to shop and to dine in nice clean attractive areas. I would also work with DPR and DGS to make the parks clean and green, inviting and in good repair for families to visit and to play.

One of the ANC's main jobs is to regulate liquor licenses. What are your thoughts on these issues?

With the growth and development in the local economy over the past 10 years, the District has seen a significant increase in the number of new restaurants, hotels and bars. The alcohol license associated with the new (and existing) venues should be properly regulated and licensed, with follow up, education and monitoring to ensure compliance with District laws and regulations. The ANCs have a vital role in ensuring this regulation. I will work to ensure that there is a healthy balance between the vibrant nightlife economy that is contributing to the District's economic growth and the resident's who can expect to enjoy peace and quiet and a safe neighborhood.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pumpkin painting party at Slash Run on Thursday for kids and adults

Slash Run, the great bar at 2nd and Upshur, is holding a pumpkin painting event on Thursday from 5-10 pm with hot citrus butter cider for $6 and pumpkins for $10, including supplies.

Sounds like a fun thing for the kids (earlier) and for the grownups (later.)

If you haven't been to Slash Run, it's a cool spot: delicious burgers and sandwiches, a huge whiskey selection and good beer too.

Here's a bit more from their Facebook:
It was fun the first time!
We are doing it again this Wednesday in case you missed it!
$10 pumpkins includes supplies!
Paint, glitter, & rock n roll!
Citrus butter Hot Cider!! $6
Come on out...AGAIN!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Use Capital Bikeshare? Give them your feedback

If you're a user of Capital Bikeshare, they want to hear from you.

They just released their most recent member survey where they ask about your experience, where there should be more stations and bigger stations, why you ride and a lot more.

Our area recently got some new stations at 14th and Girard and elsewhere, but they are often empty during the day, sometimes starting really early. I think we need bigger stations with more bikes, or maybe more rebalancing during the day.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Chez Billy to be replaced by Ten Tigers Parlour, "tea house, bar and event space" with Asian street food from chef Tim Ma

A few months ago we heard that Chez Billy, the French spot at 3815 Georgia, was closing. It wasn't clear exactly what was coming next, but some rumors said Asian food. Now that seems to be the case.

According to a job posting on Craigslist, it will be a neighborhood spot with Asian style street food, a bar and event space from chef Tim Ma.

Ma has a restaurant group that operates popular spots in Virginia and DC: American tapas at Maple Ave, French and American at Water & Wall, and deli, wine bar and butcher Chase the Submarine in Virginia plus new French spot Kyirisan in Shaw. All of them have four stars on Yelp.

Here's the Craigslist ad. Sounds pretty interesting, and we could definitely use another good Asian spot here.
Ten Tigers Parlour, a neighborhood tea house / bar / event space in Petworth, is seeking all Front of House positions for our opening in November. We have daytime, evening and nighttime shifts available. We are one block from the Georgia Ave Metro (green line). Our kitchen is run by Tim Ma, an award winning chef, and will feature Asian style street-food.  
We are looking for motivated, hard working, energetic staff. 
What we need:  - Servers- Experienced bartenders- Barbacks- Food Runners/Bussers- Dishwashers 
What you should to bring to Ten Tigers Parlour: 
- A positive attitude- The ability to handle a stressful environment and still smile- Anticipation of guests' needs- Fine attention to detail- A willingness to jump in and make sure the job is done right.
Send us your resume and a brief cover letter explaining why you think you are a good fit - we look forward to hearing from you.

Georgia Ave. Fall Fest is this Saturday at Bruce Monroe Park! Food, music, fun for kids, mural painting, crafts and more!

I'm excited for this: the Georgia Avenue Fall Fest, a bit neighborhood fest, is this Saturday from noon to 5 pm at Bruce Monroe Park (3000 Georgia Ave NW.)

Here's more about the event. There will also be a mural painting that you can help with, nonprofits will be on hand to talk about their services, and al to more. It's sponsored by Georgia Avenue Thrive, a great local organization. 
After a successful Georgia Ave Winter Fest in December 2015 that drew over 1200 attendees, Georgia Avenue Thrive will host the Georgia Ave Fall Fest on October 22, 2016 from 12pm-5pm at Bruce Monroe Park (3000 Georgia Ave NW). This family-friendly event will include local performers, vendors (both food and other goods), city and NGO services, kids activities, pumpkins sales, an interactive community mural creation, and more! 
The purpose of the Georgia Ave Fests is to:
  • Support local businesses, artists, performers, and makers by highlighting their good work while providing a fun and direct connection between them and the neighbors and visitors of lower Georgia Avenue.
  • Ensure lower Georgia Avenue community members are aware of and can access relevant city and NGO services.
  • Create a vibrant and beautiful space for all residents, businesses and visitors of lower Georgia Avenue to connect, have fun, and support each other.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

First anniversary of Petworth Citizen's Reading Room tonight: cocktails and more

The folks behind the Reading Room, the bar-within-a-bar at Petworth Citizen focused on literary-themed cocktails, are celebrating the bar's one year anniversary tonight! There will be cocktails from the last year as well as champagne.

In the past, Reading Room has held weekly events with cocktails based on a certain author -- this week's is Edgar Allen Poe on Oct. 22, for example. The drinks come from mixologists Chantal Tsung, Dan Searing and Carlie Steiner, and the events are a lot of fun. The room itself is neat too -- it's a little lending library with a bar in it.

Here's the Facebook invite for tonight and a bit more info from the Petworth Citizen and Reading Room folks. Petworth Citizen is at :
This week the Reading Room DC turns one! At this time last year we were finishing up our brand new bar (within a bar), and putting the finishing touches on menu planning with Chantal Tseng and Daniel A Searing Jr. Since then we've been lucky enough to add Carlie Steiner to our lineup, and the rest is history.

It's been a great year - come celebrate with us! There will be champagne aplenty, and some of favorite drinks from the last year of menus.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Have your voice heard: meeting today on the city's comprehensive plan

If you have an opinion about city planning, development or zoning issues, today is a great opportunity: the city is holding a meeting called [Plan]DC to get public feedback on the comprehensive plan -- the long term plan for the city.

Here's more about it from the city, and the first meeting is tonight at the Columbia Heights Education Campus at 16th and Irving.

District Encourages Residents to Participate in the Amendment Process for the City’s Comprehensive Plan
[Plan]DC aims to get public feedback in shaping the future growth of the District
(WASHINGTON, DC) – Mayor Muriel Bowser, the DC Office of Planning (OP), and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development have launched [Plan]DC this month, a citywide campaign encouraging District residents to help shape the future growth of the District by participating in the amendment process for the District’s Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year vision the District uses to guide future development within Washington, DC.
“We are launching [Plan] DC to ensure that the future growth and prosperity of the District reflects the interests of all residents and businesses who call Washington, DC home,” said Mayor Muriel Bowser. “Together, we will develop a plan that creates positive and inclusive opportunities for residents and businesses across all 8 wards.”
The result of this effort is not a new Comprehensive Plan, but a set of amendments to the existing Plan proposed by OP, other District agencies and the public. The amendments will be submitted as legislation for DC Council approval in early 2018. The Comprehensive Plan was initially adopted in 2006 and last amended in 2011. The plan is a critical tool when allocating public services, infrastructure, and capital investments in DC. It also guides the use, density, and design of buildings within the nation’s capital. Having residents weigh in now will ensure they have a voice on the long-term planning of the District.
“The Office of Planning is working hard to get the word out to residents that we are starting the process to amend the Comprehensive Plan,” said Office of Planning Director Eric D. Shaw. “We are creating as many channels as possible for residents to let us know how to amend the Comprehensive Plan to continue to encourage inclusive, resilient growth and a dynamic District.”
With the massive city-wide advertising campaign currently underway, “street teams” will now be deployed to support OP’s outreach to residents in all eight wards to encourage them to share their ideas on amending the Plan. 
Residents can provide comments and amendments by attending one of the public meetings listed below or by submitting proposed amendments during the open call period in early 2017.

Wednesday, October 19
6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.(Presentation at 6:30 p.m.)
Columbia Heights Education Campus, 3101 16th Street, NW (Nearest Metro: Columbia Heights)
Saturday, October 22
9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.(Presentation at 9:30 a.m.)
Thurgood Marshall Public Charter School, 2427 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue, SE (Nearest Metro: Anacostia)
Tuesday, October 25
6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.(Presentation at 6:30 p.m.)
Wilson High School, 3950 Chesapeake Street, NW (Nearest Metro: Tenleytown)
Thursday, October 27
6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.(Presentation at 6:30 p.m.)
Department of Employment Services (DOES) Headquarters, 4058 Minnesota Avenue, NE
(Nearest Metro: Minnesota Avenue)
Tuesday, November 1
6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.(Presentation at 6:30 p.m.)
School Without Walls @ Francis-Stevens, 2425 N Street, NW (Nearest Metro: Foggy Bottom)
Thursday, November 3
6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.(Presentation at 6:30 p.m.)
Jefferson Middle School Academy
801 7th Street, SW
(Nearest Metro: L’Enfant Plaza ) 
Monday, November 146:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.(Presentation at 6:30 p.m.)
Luke C. Moore High School, 1001 Monroe Street, NE (Nearest Metro: Brookland)

Talk to your friends and neighbors about the future of the District and encourage them to participate in the process. Please visit to learn more about the Comprehensive Plan amendment process and ways to participate.

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