Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Whither Tipsy Peacock? Wine bar long planned for 2915 Georgia Ave has liquor license but no updates

I realized I haven't written about this before, but a few readers have emailed me intermittently asking about the Tipsy Peacock, a wine bar planned for the basement of 2915 Georgia, next door to Bravo Bar.

PoP first posted about it in 2014, and in April of that year they asked for a liquor license. A year later, PoP reported that they said they're looking at Summer 2015 to open, which obviously is long since passed.

Their Facebook page hasn't been updated since March 2014 and their website has virtually no information on it.

I was curious so I reached out to the owner, Donna Colaco, and she said "We are still working on the process of getting everything set up and will let you know as soon as we have any updates." She declined to elaborate further about plans or delays.

Doing a little sleuthing, it appears they still have a liquor license as of August of this year though, so maybe things are moving.

They got a construction permits in May and October 2014 and a gas and plumbing permit in Oct. 2015. Also in 2015 they had an inspection for "Compliance/Housing/Infestation" that says "case accepted," which I think means there was a violation -- but that might be for upstairs rather than the basement where Tipsy Peacock is going, it's hard to tell. The commercial inspections were all approved, the last in May 2015. That's the last I can find from the city's permit website.

I wish I had more information.

According to their license, they plan to have a back patio and seating for 50, but probably more like 35 according to the Short Articles About Long Meetings blog.

Will update if I hear anything.

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