Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tchoup's Market, replacing Alfie's, opens Thursday

In case you missed it yesterday, Tchoup's Market, the New Orleans-focused replacement for Alfie's from Alex McCoy, is opening tomorrow. The Post has an article on it -- despite the New Orleans theme it's not going to be what you might imagine, more focused on the city's diverse food scene. The name comes from Tchoupitoulas Street in the city, and Tchoup's is pronounced "chops".

Here's what the Post had to say:
What you won't find: gaudy Mardi Gras themes (or beignets, at least for now). What you will: po' boys, which McCoy defines as anything between two slices of Louisiana French bread -- in this case, loaves from famed Leidenheimer Baking Co. in New Orleans. The sandwich menu will go beyond fried shrimp and oysters, though. Think pastrami, sausages and fried chicken. 
As to other fare: "We're not going to stick to the kind of mainstream gumbo and étouffée dishes," McCoy said. He's planning on channeling the international melting pot of New Orleans, which includes Italian, Vietnamese and Chinese influences. One example: yakamein, a Chinese noodle soup. Other daily specials may include fried chicken and shrimp creole.
Drinks-wise, there will be a lot of French-style aperitifs, punches, Sazeracs and such. Sounds pretty delicious to me. I also heard from a friend who visited Alfie's the other day and talked with the staff that they were going for more of a relaxed bar vibe than Alfie's had. They will take reservations, however.

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